Talking health-care at Landmark on Main St.

Professors Martha Livingston and Len Rodberg (pictured seated. Pictured in the back row is LWVPW-M Healthcare Chair Dr. Judy Esterquest; Executive Director of Landmark on Main Street Laura Mogul; LWVPW-M President Julie Meer Harnick (Photo provided by Francine Furtado)

Professors Martha Livingston and Len Rodberg led a lively discussion during the Landmark’s Conversations From Main Street event on March 20 regarding the New York Health Act.

The League of Women Voters of Port Washington-Manhasset event screened the short film “Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point,” before discussing the details and implications of the bill.

“The non-partisan League of Women Voters has been a proud advocate of legislation that serves the public good since its founding six months before American women got the right to vote- as a natural extension of that movement,” explained Dr. Judith Esterquest, chair of the LWVPW-M Healthcare Committee.

“In that proud tradition, the League has supported universal healthcare, what is now termed ‘single-payer,’ for a quarter century.”  Dr. Esterquest continued, “Following equally exacting examination and analysis, the NYS League advocates for NY Health (Gottfried A4738/ Rivera S4840) and has endorsed the Campaign for NY Health, which will bring universal, comprehensive, more cost-effective healthcare to all New Yorkers.”

If passed, the New York Heath Act (A. 4738/S.4840) will provide healthcare for all New York State residents and eliminate financial barriers to care, while allowing people to go to the doctor and hospital of their choice.

It will give New Yorkers access to healthcare without fear of bankruptcy, with 98 percent of New York residents paying less than they pay now.

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