Readers Write: Tamarin too good to lose

I am writing to endorse Ruth Tamarin for another term of office as park commissioner. I have personally known Ruth for over 30 years as a friend, a colleague, as a devoted mother to her two sons, and more recently as an outstanding commissioner of our parks.  

Her list of accomplishments in that area is enormous: her work on the Cohan property, the remake of Parkwood, the all-children playscape at the Old Village Green, her work in the restoration of Great Neck House, the rose garden adjacent to that, her tireless efforts to restore our parks after that awful burst several years ago.  

She is tireless, devoted, caring, and works well with others. What I cannot understand is why, if she is willing to run again, anyone would want to take her job? Can anyone, anywhere, think of anything that Ruth could have done better, or smarter, or more efficiently?  

Why, oh why, would we gamble on losing her? Our parks have never been better. Let’s all vote to keep them that way.

Michael Flamhaft

Great Neck

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