Teds Woodworking Review (2022 Update): Detailed Analysis – Scam Or Legit?

Ted's Woodworking Review

As a carpenter or woodworking enthusiast, you may find yourself constantly searching for functional and affordable woodworking plans online that offer more value for money. A simple search on the internet provides you with tons of projects from various sources, but not all of them aim to help beginners or give a solid guide. During your search, you may have stumbled across the very popular Ted’s Woodworking plans.

At first glance, the entire Ted’s Woodworking plans package seems like a dream for all your woodworking aspirations. You get a whopping 16,000 plans complete with all instructions and details you could ever dream of. Ted offers you many woodworking plans for an affordable price, complete with tutorial videos, detailed step-by-step guidelines, and blueprints. Moreover, Ted hosts the entire course himself. Yes, you get 16000 plans in this amount of money with all the extra benefits and guides as the icing on the cake.

At one end, Ted’s online page has many followers and loyal customers with positive reviews. You may still wonder how worthwhile it is compared to other woodworking plans available online. More importantly, are these plans even legit, or are they a scam aimed at ripping you off your hard-earned dollars?

Today, we will address all your queries about who Ted is, what his plans offer, and whether they are legit and worth your money.

Ted's Woodworking Review

=>Click here to visit the official website of Ted’s Woodworking

Brand Overview: What is Ted’s Woodworking?

Ted’s Woodworking is a module of 16,000 woodworking projects. These are plans that carpenters and woodworking enthusiasts, newbies, and professionals alike can follow to create fantastic woodwork designs.

The plans are simple and easy to follow, and they instruct the users step-by-step, guiding them from start to finish. It gives you the needed measurements and the best materials to use for each project. The woodworking plans cater to various projects, ranging from home furniture to garden accessories and furniture, dog kennels, birdbaths, etc.

It brings us to the question, who is behind these plans? The force behind Ted’s Woodworking plans is Ted McGrath. Ted is an Iowa-based coach, writer, and immensely talented woodworker. With his rich background and experience in woodwork of 25 years, Ted has put an extensive two years’ worth of hard work and research into putting together these plans. He designed the plans to help amateurs and professionals alike. Moreover, they guide the user on each step of creating superb wood art pieces.

Let us dig into what you get when you buy the Ted Woodworking plans and all its major components, plus bonuses.

Who Should Buy Ted’s Woodworking Plans?

Ted’s Woodworking is for a range of people of all ages. Amateurs and enthusiasts who are new to woodworking and want to learn about the craft will find these plans immensely beneficial. The plans have numerous projects that are simple enough for beginners, and these include small wood designs and objects such as boxes, shelves, small crafts, etc.

Ted’s Woodworking plans are a rich resource for wooden projects for experts and professional carpenters. These enable them to put together significant pieces, including house and garden furniture, wooden houses, barns, decks, etc.

Interestingly, you can use these plans to do projects for yourself and your home and make it into a business. Thus, you save money that you would have given to a professional carpenter and eventually earn your own money. By learning the techniques and skills of the woodworking craft, you can become an entrepreneur and set up your own business. With such a massive number of projects to build, you will have endless ideas and designs at your disposal. Hence, creating and selling your very own woodwork pieces can prove to be a thriving money-making venture for many out there.

Main Features

When you purchase Ted’s Woodworking plans, you get access to a range of stuff, all curated by the master Ted McGrath himself. The 16,000 woodwork projects not only aid you in building together something functional but indulge your creativity. The plans range from smaller pieces like cutting boards and boxes to bigger, more ambitious projects such as barns and cabins.

What do you get when you buy this package? Following is the list of significant components included in this value deal.

  • Woodwork Plans

Included in the Ted Woodworking package are 16,000 woodworking plans. It is a considerable number to wrap your head around, and that too for under a hundred bucks. Many people have doubted whether the plans are 16,000 in number. Those who have purchased the package know that there are that many plans in this bundle. Plus, it offers various wooden designs, from basic to complicated projects.

You can start with beginner-level projects for the newbies with non-existent woodworking skills such as bird boxes, planters, clocks, etc. You can begin your creative journey with these more straightforward tasks if you are new to woodworking. As you learn more about the craft and polish up your skills, you can move on to more complicated and extensive projects.

For those of you who are expert-level carpenters, Ted’s Woodworking plans cater to all your primary woodworking needs around the house or garden. These include furniture, sheds, barns, carts, decks, etc. The best part of these plans is the variety in skillset and level amongst all the projects included. The smaller beginner plans can be helpful for kids and newbies and even for professionals to brush up their skills. The master plans are good enough to help you build parts of your entire house.

  • Instructions Handbook With Illustrations

The kit includes an instructions handbook for all the 16,000 woodworking projects. These are like woodworking lessons for the user, which you can read as you proceed with your project. Ted presented the course in an extremely easy-to-understand and user-friendly manner. Also, the instruction handbook serves the role of a real-time expert carpenter holding your hand each step of the way. Therefore, completing the project becomes super easy and fast for the user.

Besides detailed instructions, there are also illustrations in detail for each step of the process. Images include schematics, 3D drawings, close-up sketches, annotations, and measurements. You can visually see how every project phase turns out, which takes the guesswork out of the whole situation. Accuracy and perfection is the key that these plans help you achieve. Additionally, many woodworking plans you find online do not have visuals and illustrations of the material and project from each angle. However, in Ted’s Woodworking, you will discover intricate details of all the project tips before building it. Thus, you can be sure that your finished piece will turn out exactly like the drawing.

  • Purchasing Guide

Besides detailed instructions and illustrations, you will get a comprehensive list of required materials and equipment for each project. The list includes the necessary tools and even the type of wood you will require for individual designs. Such information helps you avoid assuming what you need for a particular project and stops you from overbuying or buying the wrong type of wood. Moreover, you will find the exact quantity of each material that goes into the project; hence, you save time and money and minimize waste during the creation process.

  • Woodworking Videos

As a bonus, they included woodworking videos in this package for those of you who enjoy watching videos and tutorials on woodwork. These videos are by master woodworkers and are pretty beneficial in visually helping you polish your craft and facilitating you in putting together your projects.

  • Additional Bonuses

When you sign up for Ted’s Woodworking plans, you list other goodies you get as part of the package. These include a CAD or DWG viewer, a valuable app for designers. Further, professionals use these to give their projects a superior, visual edge. Also, you get access to premium woodworking videos of different expert woodworkers, which equip you with lots of tips, techniques, and ideas. Moreover, Ted not only guides you on making your very own projects but educates you on building your woodworking business. The package includes a guidebook on creating and running your enterprise. Plus, you learn the tips and tricks of turning your passion into a profit-earning business.

You will spend more if you buy each part of the plans separately. If you plan to get the apps, you have to purchase them individually. However, in this package deal, you will be getting all these added features as freebies.

Ted’s Woodworking Review: Pros & Cons


  • Professional plans
  • Lots of variety to choose from
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Detailed diagrams and sketches
  • Tutorials and videos
  • Exact annotations and measurements
  • Freebies included with the basic package
  • Material and equipment list with quantities
  • Well organized plans in subcategories
  • Affordable cost
  • Value for money
  • Lifetime support
  • Monthly plans
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Some plans are not as good as others
  • The quality and content of bonus videos are not that remarkable
  • Users need digital access to use the course

Benefits of Ted’s Woodworking

Let us talk about what sets Ted’s Woodworking apart from other similar courses online. Why would you need it when you can look up Youtube and Tiktok for the most recent trends in woodwork? While some plans are available online with just a click, not all of them follow through and some lack a proper guide. Purchasing Ted’s plans will give you several benefits that you may not find elsewhere.

  • Projects for All Skill Levels and Preferences

The great thing about Ted’s Woodworking plans is that you get many projects of all skill levels at a reasonable cost. The projects are aided with step by step instructions and illustrations to help you with each step of the building process. The instructions handbook makes one feel like the expert carpenter Ted is standing next to you and guiding you throughout the process. Unlike other woodworking courses available online, Ted’s course does not assume you have an essential background in carpentry. Even beginners in woodwork can follow the instructions as they are laid out in a straightforward manner. Hence, he designed it to teach you from the novice level up.

  • Comprehensive Plans With Visuals

Along with reading the instructions manual, you can access detailed sketches, 3D pictures, schematics, and images from all angles. These visuals keep you on track during the project and ensure you make the design exactly as the photos.

Though not all users may find all plans equally sound, when the variety is so immense, you have the flexibility of combing through them to find plans that you like. If you choose to do most of the projects, starting from beginner to advanced level, you can be sure to master the craft of woodworking sooner than you think.

  • Equipment List With Cost and Quantities

Other woodworking courses may provide you with an essential equipment list, but not more. Ted’s Woodworking plans come with a required tools list that tells you what material you require for each project and states their quantities and the total bill. That means you will be sure to buy the exact amount of material needed, avoiding wastage and overspending on stuff you may not need. Additionally, you will find details about the type of wood you need for each design. Being a true expert, Ted, in his course, explains wood types and tells you which type is the best for what sort of design.

  • Lifetime Support and Monthly Plans

Another great benefit of Ted’s Woodworking Plans is that you get new projects and plans each month that you can download with a one-time purchase. The company also provides lifetime support through its helpline and websites. They are ready to send you customized drafts if you find something missing in the blueprints.

  • Inspiration Bank

With access to thousands of plans, you have lots of ideas and inspirations at your disposal to keep your creative juices flowing. Thus, Ted’s Woodworking plans can be your best buddy in helping you set up your own woodworking business. When you feel you have done enough projects for yourself and your loved ones, you can use the plans to build projects that you can sell. That is a neat idea for converting your hobby into a complete money-making venture.

It brings us to the bonuses that come with the package. When you buy Ted’s Woodworking plans, you get access to a guidebook on setting up and running your own business. Along with this, you get access to CAD viewer, which professional designers use in their projects for that expert touch.

  • Smooth Refund Process

In cases wherein you feel that Ted’s Woodworking is not at par with your expectations, do not hesitate to file for a refund. You can reach out to their customer service to start the process. Since all of Ted’s refunds go through ClickBank, you need to take several steps to ensure it goes smoothly.

Go to ClickBank’s official website and provide the necessary information about your order. Most of the time, ClickBank will reimburse the money if you made it within 60 days. However, you will have to wait for one or two months to get the money back to your account.

Are Ted’s Woodworking Plans Any Good?

We have talked about all the goodies, pros and cons that form part of Ted’s Woodworking package. Now let us get down to the content and quality of the plans themselves. The foremost question on everybody’s mind is whether the projects are as beneficial as advertised. The confusion is the large number of plans included in a small sum of money. Are there 16,000 plans in there? The answer is yes; there are many plans in the package. Are they all equally good and worth it? That can depend on different users and their skill levels. Some projects may not be as pleasing and superior as the others and understandably may have been added to the package to fill the numbers to reach a whopping 16,000. However, many of the plans are brilliant, and some are moderately reasonable for most users.

  • Well Organized and Put Together

As a user, you will be able to spot the planning and research into putting together the designs for each plan. All plans have been carefully crafted to be user-friendly and are aided with detailed sketches to help you understand the design process with more clarity. The projects are divided according to their difficulty level as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Thus, you can start them right away without prior woodworking knowledge.

Their USP is their categorization and the immense variety they provide to users ranging from amateur enthusiasts to professionals. Detailed guidelines supplemented by diagrams and sketches offer all the required information to get your project done. There is hardly any room left for confusion as Ted’s projects are self-guided tools that, in a way, build themselves.

  • Some Plans are Better Than Others

When you buy a package containing many plans, you should expect some to be better than the others. You may not like all the plans and get a bewildering effect of things mishmashed together. However, most of the plans live up to their name and help you create awesome projects from start to finish with simple and user-friendly instructions.

Buy the plans with a flexible mindset, knowing that not all projects work for everybody. You will find them valuable and resourceful. Even the few projects you end up doing will prove to be enjoyable and rewarding experiences and hugely make up for the substandard plans.

  • Value For Money

Even if you do not use all of the 16,000 plans and only do a few projects, consider it money worth spending. This value is because the quality of guidance and the satisfaction of the finished project are rewarding experiences. Such experiences can hone your older skills or teach you some new ones.

For an affordable plan, you will be learning a craft that will nurture your creative side and help you make money in the long run. You will learn to complete individual projects of various scales and learn entrepreneurship skills about turning your hobby into a career. With so many bonuses included in the package, including guidebooks, DVDs, access to designing apps, and a constant supply of new projects, you get added value in the amount of money you spend. The better part is that a one-time purchase of the product gives you a lifetime plan at zero cost. It means each month, you will receive a new project which you can download at no extra cost.

As we mentioned above, if you consider individual costs of each of the components included in the package, the prices are way higher. So, purchasing the woodworking plans as a bundle package is a value for money deal.

Is Ted’s Woodworking Legit Or A Copyright Infringement?

You may come across several people’s claims on different platforms that Ted’s Woodworking plans are not original and authentic. Similar claims say that Ted is not a real person as the company claims and that many creators have ripped off information from different sources to put together this mishmash product. Money-making is the real motive behind this scam, instead of supplying the users with original woodworking plans.

Though copyright infringement is a severe claim, the authenticity of this in the case of Ted’s Woodworking is questionable. It might be possible that Ted may have borrowed the idea behind some of the plans from other sources. The compilation of all the projects and their layouts and designs are original.

The plans have been online and available for several years now. One does think that if they were based on copyright infringement, the owners would have taken the plans off the web. Besides, user reviews that make this claim are themselves several years old. The recent buzz is that Ted’s Woodworking plans are incredibly resourceful and packed with detailed guidance and ideas on creating fantastic wood projects.

Materials & Buying Guide 

Users can purchase Ted’s Woodworking Plans from the creator’s official website through a safe and secure payment gateway. The company will deliver the product directly to your inbox as a series of PDF downloads. It happens right after you make the payment, thus instant access. However, you can buy the plans on a DVD, but these cost a few extra dollars.

Since the plans are digital, you will have access to them right after payment. Once you download the plans, you will find them categorized into different groups, making it convenient to sift and choose between projects. The collection comes in a DWG and PDF format. You will need the CAD program to access the DWG blueprints. On the other hand, you can open the PDF plans using Adobe Reader.

The company offers a support line which you can contact anytime you feel you are stuck in a project. Alternatively, you can email them to ask for a custom draft you may not find in the blueprints and the woodworking guide and want to build exclusively. The company’s customer support is available through their helpline and their website.

The creators of the plan offer a full money refund for up to 60 days in case you are unsatisfied with the product for whatever reason. You need to send the company an email within 60 days of purchase to initiate refunds, and you will receive a 100% refund.

We highly recommend purchasing your plans from Ted’s Woodworking’s official website. There are several scam sites across the internet selling these plans. Still, these may be selling substandard content and will not refund your money when you want to return your purchase.

Ted's Woodworking review

=>Click here to visit the official website of Ted’s Woodworking

Conclusion: Is Ted’s Woodworking Legit?

Purchasing Ted’s Woodworking Plans as a one-time buy is a risk-free option. You are getting 16,000 woodworking plans for under a hundred dollars. The plans come with thorough and well-organized instructions and are supplemented by detailed illustrations. The plans are for people of all skill types. Whether you are looking to learn a new craft, polish up your existing woodworking skills, or looking to build a professional career, these plans will be a great resource. They will provide you with a lifetime pool of inspirations and ideas with their monthly plans. These extra plans are in addition to the 16,000 projects already in the package.

It is true if you purchase the plans with a flexible mindset. Be prepared for the course for a large variety of people of different skill sets and preferences. Not all projects may appeal to your taste, but you will still find many that do. Taking on a project with Ted’s expert guidance in every stage will enable you to finish your project with ease and fill you with a sense of accomplishment.

We also feel you are getting much value in that price tag. Along with the basic plans, which are limitless, you get bonuses like DVDs, a guidebook on becoming an entrepreneur, CAD viewer, and so on. We feel it is a fantastic deal, especially since they added a lifetime supply of plans and constant support to the list. What’s more, if you still regret buying it, you can always return the product and receive a full refund.

In conclusion, it is safe to say Ted’s Woodworking plans are indeed worth your money and will help you make all your woodworking dreams come true.

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