Temple Beth Sholom’s seventh graders work with seniors

Seventh grade students from Temple Beth Sholom visited the Atria in Roslyn. (Photo courtesy of Temple Beth Sholom)

Temple Beth Sholom of Roslyn is delighted that we have been chosen by the Better Together Legacy Heritage group to partner in a grant with senior citizens.

Temple Beth Sholom Religious School’s seventh grade students and the Atria on Roslyn Harbor are building a community, as we have formed a bond between our students and participating seniors.  We had our first session together on October 27, and will be meeting once a month through May.

Our seventh graders have decided there isn’t a generation gap; there is a communication gap!  As a result, we have decided to empower the seniors with more technology.

The students will be training “their students” in the art of FaceTime, Siri, Google, sending emails, art and media apps, games, Spotify and taking and sending pictures so that they can strengthen their bonds with their own families.

The seniors will take the students down Memory Lane as they teach them how to play Solitaire with cards, board games, write in a journal and about the songs and music of their time. We will share holiday parties and a big end of the year celebration. We hope to foster bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime!

Submitted by Temple Beth Sholom.

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