The 14 Best New Movies On Netflix Right Now

Netflix is the biggest movie-streaming platform, with over 17,000 titles globally. With an increasing collection of Netflix original movies, we get to see something new every week. Many new directors have made their directorial debut on Netflix since they find it easy to promote their movies. There are no ads on Netflix; pay for a subscription, have a browser and internet device, and you can watch as many movies as you want.

Netflix has some amazing titles like Promising Young Woman or the Grammy-nominated The Irish Man starring Robert De Niro. It even has documentaries on different topics, like World War II. The weird thing on Netflix is that you can easily find the top-rated and best movies, but finding new movies is challenging. So, here we share 14 new movies on Netflix that you must watch before doing anything else.

Why Choose Netflix For Movies?

Firstly, Netflix has zero ads. Although many of its shareholders wanted to enable the ad performance switch label, the company and the owner disagreed. Not only can you watch solo movies there but also the film chronicles until they end in a climax. Apart from movies and TV shows, Netflix will soon broadcast live shows like the Cannes film festival.

Furthermore, Netflix has a content performance switch label that analyzes the audience insights and the movies you watch and fills your feed with more similar movies. You only need to watch one movie on Netflix, and the rest will be automatically suggested. Your film history and feature films in your country also play a role in these suggestions.

A feature film only makes it to Netflix when it is off the cinemas and available in a digital print. Few films might be available on this platform at present, but as they update the library, all movies will make their way here.

Netflix automatically sent device characteristics to the server to stream the video accordingly. For example, if you have a 120hz screen, you’ll see the video at 60fps rather than 30 or 24 fps. The transparency and consent framework that is evolving makes Netflix worth your time.

New Movies On Netflix

Here are the new movie titles that were available on Netflix this week:

  1. Luckiest Girl Alive

Luckiest Girl Alive is a story of a young girl (Ani) living in New York. She is successful, having a top position in a glossy magazine with all the wardrobe she wants, and her dream wedding is a month away. While everything was going as she wanted, a crime documentary director invited her. The director wants to talk to her about the shocking incident during her teenage years.

As Ani tries to avoid the question and leave the interview, she is confronted with the dark truth that is willing to ruin her life. This movie takes you on a journey where Ani has to keep the secret safe about the sexual molestation she faced during her teenage years. She must take every step to stop that man before he exposes everything.

  1. Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

If you are interested in some drama, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is the best movie for you. It is a bit slow but picks up as the horror strikes in the movie. It is based on Stephen’s King novel “If It Bleeds.” It has an ensemble cast, and each character will have good screen time to catch your eye. The story starts with Craig, a teenager who became friends with John Harrigan, an older billionaire. Craig gives him a mobile phone as a gift, so they can talk to each other whenever they want. However, the man dies shortly afterward.

Until this point, the movie looks normal, but the real story begins after Craig receives a call from this dead friend. At that moment, he realizes he can communicate with his dead friend, who is ready to unveil many secrets.

  1. Last Seen Alive

Technically, this movie was released months ago, but it made its Netflix debut this week. Last Seen Alive is a movie about a husband and wife who wants to take a break from each other. As the husband (Will) dropped his wife (Lisa) to her parents, they stopped to take some snacks and refilled the gas. Lisa disappears at the gas station and Will put his skills and luck to the test to find her. As he digs further to find her, he reaches a point where he believes that Lisa is dead, but fate and luck have something else to offer.

  1. Old People

It seems that horror movies are becoming fan favorite as there is a new horror movie every week. It’s also a theme for the Halloween season. This week-Old People is becoming popular among the new releases. The story of Old People is actually creepy and gore than actual horror. There are graphic scenes that might not be suitable for most people. The story begins with a couple of retirees spending their time in a retirement house. Suddenly, they decided to go on a killing spree but were confronted by a mother with two kids at her sister’s wedding. Afterward, it is a fight between old killers and a mother.

  1. The Redeem Team

The Redeem Team is a documentary about the basketball player Kobe Bryant. The story shows the struggle and success of the U.S. Olympic Men’s Basketball team in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Their aim to get the gold medal becomes a success story in the end as they train hard and develop their strategies to move forward. If you are a fan of Kobe Bryant, then this is a must-watch documentary for you.

  1. Someone Borrowed

Someone Borrowed is a quirky comedy movie where a young boy fakes his relationship to fulfill his mother’s dying wish and to get a part of the family inheritance. He introduces his fiancee to everyone and drama ensues. Since he hired a professional actress to be his fake fiancee, her acting skills made him fall in love with her. The story begins with fun and interactive scenes that will surely put a smile on your face. Someone Borrowed is an excellent option if you want to watch a warm, funny, and peaceful movie.

  1. The Trapped 13

The Trapped 13 is a movie based on a true story. The story revolves around 13 Thai youth soccer players and their coach who went inside a huge cave. As they enter, it starts pouring so much that the whole cave is flooded. The Thai government asks for professional swimmers to help extract them. There are many movies on this incident, but this one brings a fresh perspective where it shows how the 13 trapped people survive in a dark, cold place for days. Every player will share his story and how he found the courage and will to survive.

  1. Usogui

Typically, we see manga getting animated, but this time, Usogui manga directly gets its live-action movie. The story starts with a brilliant gambler who plays in local casinos and wins small fortunes. He was spotted by some people who wanted him to participate in big tables. As they took him to the big leagues, he lost a lot of fortune. That leaves him with no money, so he has no other option but to wage his life in the game. This movie’s visuals and way of storytelling are excellent, and the excitement of him playing with this life on the line will keep you glued to the screen.

  1. Missing Home

Missing Home is an Indonesian movie where an old couple fakes their divorce to call their children back home. If you are in for an emotional ride, the ending scenes of this movie will start the tear train. Overall the movie has comedy scenes and shows the efforts of parents to bring their children back home. The acting is spot on; the actors did a good job. The children are ruthless and not interested in each other, while the parents are showering their love and hiding their desperate attempt to have the family back again.

  1. Doll House

Doll House is a movie full of surprises and thrillers. A lead singer in a metal band is having trouble in his life because he starts missing the daughter, he left years ago. The girl’s mother has no idea that she is now living with her father, and the singer and his friend try their best to keep it hidden from the mother. As they stay together, their father-daughter bond gets strong. Ultimately the mother finds out about this and demands to separate them again, but the parent-daughter love plays its tricks, and the daughter agrees to let her father stay with them.

  1. Jumping From High Places

Don’t let the name fool you; this movie is not about jumping from towers or mountains. Instead, this is a story of a young girl who wants to overcome her social anxiety and spend time with new people. Because of her anxiety, she always has that fear of being rejected by people, so she decided to stay indoors and avoid everyone else except her best friend. However, she realizes that her best friend is dying and has a last wish to see her confront her fears and open up to the world. The young girl honors her wishes and tries to reclaim her life, where she finds love. This is a slice-of-life movie where you get to see how an anxious girl finds the courage to overcome her weakness and opens up to a person.

  1. Togo

Togo is a movie that revolves around the daily tasks of a car attendant. Things are going smoothly; the neighborhood is peaceful until some new kids start visiting the place, causing havoc. It all started with a fight at a parking garage that became an all-out war. The car attendant took the liberty to teach them a lesson so they won’t hurt anyone in the neighborhood. This movie starts slow, but as the goons enter the scene, things take a dramatic turn. After the first 15 minutes, the movie becomes dark and stays like that until the very end.

  1. Entergalactic

Enough of the real-life movies, it is time an animated movie should take place in this list. Entergalactic was released on September 30, reached Netflix last week, and has already become a favorite fan movie. The overall visuals, the storyline, and how the characters interact with each other make this movie worth your time. Its story revolves around an artist named Jabari, who wants to balance his successful and love life. As he moved to his dream apartment in Manhattan, he fell for the girl next door, and his love story began. While it finished with a happy ending, the fun, entertaining, and emotional story it holds is enough to melt your heart.

  1. Lou

Lou is the kind of movie you should watch only once because it has a clean ending. It starts with a mysterious old lady who has a tenant. That tenant has a kid whose father went missing two years ago. However, as a vicious storm approached, the kid was kidnapped from home, and it turned out the kidnapper was the father. Now the lady has no other option but to get help from the mysterious neighbor. As they embark on a journey to bring back the child, they confront the dark secrets of their pasts, pushing them to their limits. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is applications-7025904__340.jpg

Final Words: These Are The Best New Movies On Netflix!

Netflix has a huge library of movies and TV shows; you start watching one, and then there is no going back. The only thing that Netflix lacks is region restriction, as some movies and TV shows are unavailable unless you are from that country. If you want to check some new titles on Netflix, we share 14 new movies on Netflix in our article above. Here are some other movies option that you can watch on Netflix in the month of October. They all freshly arrived on Netflix, and you’ll have a good time watching them as you eat snacks and have a drink.

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