The HR Platforms You Absolutely Need to Try

Human resource management is one of the essential aspects each company needs to have. Without human resources, your company will lack guidance on numerous issues such as financial services, turnover, layoffs, and much more. The HR department is responsible for the overall protection of your employees and staff. 

It, therefore, should have the best tools and platforms to enable them to do their job meticulously and to the best of their ability. There are several tools that can help the HR team; it just depends on what they need it for. Subscribing to more than one is also a valid option to give you and your team the most help they can get to run your business smoothly. Below are some of the platforms that your HR team absolutely needs to try.


Bambee is a company which helps you employ an HR manager to craft policies that are acceptable for you and assist you in directing your employees in the correct trajectory. According to their website, they have HR managers in over 20 industries in all 50 states and can guide you virtually through phone, email, or chat. They help coach you and your employees on how to follow guidelines and how to take corrective action when need be.


OrangeHRM is a human resource management website that operates in over 100 countries. They personalize the software for you so that your employees can work harmoniously without trouble. Their website states that they have 4+ million active users and apply to all sorts of companies ranging from small start-ups to multinational enterprises. They also have Personnel Information Management (PIM), so that you can keep all of your employees’ data safe, secure, and accessible when need be.


Zenefits is more specific than other HR management tools or companies. This tool helps with your employees’ payroll and helps you keep track of your finances. The software is easily integrated with your company’s HR, and they state that it can actually be fun to use instead of tedious old software. There are two versions of Zenefits, the normal one and the advanced. Advanced Zenefits has unlimited pay runs, direct deposits, multiple schedules and pay rater, and general ledger reporting, among a list of numerous other features.


WebHR may be one of the most popular digital HR platforms available worldwide. Their slogan is “from hire to retire in the most advanced way!” and are solely a cloud-based social HR software. Their website has numerous videos and articles that show you how to take advantage of the software to its fullest extent. It also shows what the platform integrates with, including companies such as Google, Microsoft, DropBox, Uber, Google Drive, and many others., which stands for Process Street, is a workflow management tool to help your HR team with recurring checklists and procedures. Instead of your team having to do spreadsheets each month or week, does these for your company automatically, and all you have to do is input the numbers if need be. Credit cards are not required, but they do ask for the name of your website to be able to research it carefully and create a plan that will suit your business the most.

Zoho People

Of all the mentioned platforms, Zoho People is one of the most applicable ones in most, if not all, countries. Their platform is translated in many languages and opens up to the suitable language of the country your IP is from. Their main goal, as they state on their website, is “we take care of your HR processes while you take care of your employees.” They are more hands-on than the rest and act as HR managers rather than the website being merely a tool for your HR team to use.

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Before you choose a platform or several, be sure that your budget will be able to cover them for as long as you will need them. Also, and more importantly, research each platform thoroughly and read reviews on them. Some platforms may seem incredibly useful, but in reality, will not help your particular business. 

Understand your goals and lay out what your objectives are for your employees and the trajectory which you want them to continue on. Some of these platforms work best, especially if you are operating in the same location and some work everywhere, so email them to know if they will suit your business as well or not. Finally, acknowledge your HR team’s strengths and weaknesses and which platforms will help enhance their ability to work efficiently and smoothly.



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