Tree boxes vandalized on Main Street in Port

Tree boxes are being vandalized along Main Street and on the corner of South Maryland Avenue, and officials said this is not unusual. 

“Every now and then something happens,” said Mindy Germain, executive director of Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington.

The group helps in planting the tree boxes on Main Street to bring a sense of pride to the community, Germain said. 

“It makes people want to walk on Main Street and we really wanted to give people that feeling,” she added. 

Officials said most of the vandalism is occurring near S.F. Falconer Florist, at 8 South Maryland Ave. in Port Washington, where someone has been stealing plants from the boxes and throwing them in the street.

Although Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington places the tree boxes at this location, owner Fred Falconer maintains them.

“In general I think we live in this amazing wonderful community where everyone is trying to make it better,” Germain said. “When someone does something to retract from that, it’s very upsetting.”

Port Washington Police District Deputy Chief Robert DelMuro said Tuesday that no reports of vandalism to the tree boxes have been received. 

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