Readers Write: Trump and “fake news”

The letter writer who wrote about the press undermining Trump has in fact created her own “Fake NEWS.”

FDR? Trump would’ve called him “Gimpy.” The passing of John McCain reminds me of Trump’s “not a hero” because he was captured remark. That Trump received three deferments is fake news correct?

The Soros brothers? I raise to the Kochs. Ezra Klein? Uh Sean Hannity the shameless shill.

Trump hasn’t an ideology. Revenge is his guide. What if Obama had found a cure for cancer? No doubt Trump would have it outlawed.

His daily statements that are retracted then re-stated and changed so many times. Fake news?

It’s not fake news. Sadly it’s his reality. Fact: Trump has filled the swamp. It’s overflowing. That’s America’s reality.   

Rob Stevens

Great Neck

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