Kremer’s Corner: Trump here to stay, at least until March

The long-awaited summer is quickly passing us by and there is not much we can do about it. 

We have had a lot of sun and a lot of heat which is a blessing after such a cold,cruel winter. The only distraction that I can think of is the Republican Party’s ritual of picking a nominee for president, which is getting annoying considering that the election isn’t until November,2016.

Even the most die-hard Republican would tell you that many months ago they expected to have an easy process to get their candidate. 

Jeb Bush looked like he was on the way to the first prize but my how things change. Even having over $100 million in the bank should be enough for a first round winner and then along came Donald Trump.

It is no surprise that Trump has inserted himself into the Republican nomination battle. 

Even though he is considered a Democrat by many and has contributed to Hillary Clinton,he has decided that he is best qualified to be the Republican nominee and is out to prove it. 

Every day some political guru tells me that Trump’s efforts will be stopped and by the latter part of this year he will be gone, but I don’t think so.

Trump knows how to build apartments and golf courses, but most people are not aware of the fact that he often has to overcome strong local opposition. 

A few years back Trump announced that he was going to build a tall high-rise building near the United Nations. 

The neighbors, who included the late Walter Cronkite swore a blood oath that the project would never happen. They raised money and declared war on the Donald. 

Eventually Mr. Trump got his building and it stands on First Avenue overshadowing the United Nations.

Another example of Trump’s persistence was his plan to build a new golf course in Scotland. 

Once he announced his concept the entire Scottish establishment swore that Trump would never be allowed to put a shovel in the ground. So much for the Scots battle. 

The course has been built and Trump has had another victory.

I don’t mean to suggest that Donald Trump is going to be the

Republican’s choice to be president. But anyone who thinks he is going to go gently forth into the night is deluding themselves. 

Trump is here to stay and he is going to be an annoyance for quite some time into early next year.

There is always the chance that he will implode after he insults six different ethnic groups,but that isn’t happening so soon.

Trump has to date, sucked all of the air out of the other 16 Republican candidate’s efforts to get known and loved. 

His every word gets the attention of CNN, Fox and even MSNBC. 

Short of killing themselves, the other would be nominees are struggling to get some recognition. 

What is worse is the fact that he has forced many of them to take positions on issues that they were avoiding.

In plain and simple words, Trump is no dope to enter into this type of battle. He understands people want. He knows that the country is hostile to all politicians and he is riding that bucking bronco as far as he can get.

America is fed up with the political establishment and that covers almost all of the declared candidates.

The national Republican Party has so far proven that it is incapable of governing,even though they control two houses of the Congress. 

The House of Representatives is in a total state of gridlock thanks to a small group of Tea Party zealots. 

The Senate can’t get its act together and Mitch McConnell is in a constant state of depression.

Is Donald Trump going to be the Republican candidate for the White House? 

I truly doubt it. If he is, the Democrats may as well start measuring  the drapes at the White House so Hillary Clinton can save some time. 

But Mr. Trump is here to stay at least until March of next year and I confess that as a Democrat I am enjoying this whole spectacle.

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