TruthFinder Review: Is It Legit?

It’s not usually difficult to look for quality background check apps, what is difficult to find though is a service that gets you reliable results! And while you cannot rely completely on data acquired from such apps, as they only provide information that is already open to the public by the other person, it is still worthwhile to invest in a background check application that lets you be the Sherlock Holmes of your own life story! After all, why should private investigators have all the fun?

Truthfinder is, hands down, hailed as the best background check app not just by its users but also by difficult critics like us! This is because truthfinder provides users with the most detailed and articulate chunks of information that can prove super useful when going full detective on someone – this includes a person’s education history, dating profiles, and social media assets. Isn’t that all that’s required to get a holistic view of someone’s life these days? Think so!

Want to learn more about TruthFinder? In this review, you will get to know why TruthFinder tops our list of best background check services.

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Truthfinder Reviews: Brand Overview

The company was founded in 2014 with its first headquarters in San Diego, CA. Since its inception, TruthFinder has only tried to bring the most refined version of the truth to its seekers.

It has been able to do this by positioning itself as a premium site with access to both, public and private databases – the latter obviously lets you dive deeper and gain more insight into the life of the person you’re checking out!

The good thing is TruthFinder puts no limits on the phone number of checks you can carry out, but what’s even better is that the background check app allows you to keep track of data that’s up for grabs regarding you with its unique self-monitoring feature.

And when it comes to its unique-selling proposition – background checks – the app delivers every time. Did you know? TruthFinder gives you access to confidential data, which is an option not offered by other similar services in the market; this confidential data ranges from police records (if any) to private social media profiles and photographs. In addition to that, the background checks performed on TruthFinder also pull out the subject’s current and past location history. Hence, it is safe to infer that any and all results acquired from this app don’t just give you surface-level data on someone; it lets you really get to know them. What further renders these findings accurate and all-rounded is the fact it even manages to pull up information the person in question has chosen to not make public. Long story short, TruthFinder spills the tea for them!

Nowadays, most of the information about a person can be found on their social media accounts. But those who use TruthFinder to get to know more about their partners possess a greater advantage, owing to the fact that this application gets them more than just the other’s current relationship status. In fact, it showcases a complete relationship history – an offering other background apps can’t claim.

If you are someone who needs to or likes to, perform a lot of searches frequently (lowkey judging – who are you searching for bro?) TruthFinder is the right choice for you; we say this because of its advanced features such as dark web scans and private/public searches.

Now that the quality of truth TruthFinder brings you is hopefully less of a concern, let’s also discuss its user-friendly interface. The searching algorithm is really simple to navigate through and, the best part is, it is mobile-friendly. This means you can download the truthfinder background check application on your phone if you don’t want to continue using it on a browser.

Its clean and crisp design, user experience, and the fact that you only need to enter the name of the subject and the city they currently reside in are all things that push TruthFinder at the top of any background search app list. After this initial entry, you are asked questions that narrow down your searches by adding filters, thereby enhancing the quality of results. Then come several loading screens that are visually attractive but, truth be told, are just there to minimize the pain that is ‘waiting’.

After a few moments of waiting, you will be shown a list of people matching your information. Then it’s up to you to choose the right person out of the options that pop up – data on their social network and addresses help make them more identifiable.

But here’s the part most of us don’t like to hear about but is an important aspect of acquiring high-level information – that’s right, you first have to pay to access your report. The good news, however, is that it only costs $2 to download a copy of your report.

TruthFinder reports display in-depth search results – they pull up contact information, location history, and reveal possible relatives of the person you’re looking into. For those of you who like to have astrological information, including signs and horoscopes on people they’re keeping an eye on, TruthFinder also throws that in for kicks.

Disclaimer: those not interested in that may find it annoying.


  • Best background check site available online
  • Unlimited searches
  • Has an application that is compatible with phones too
  • Multiple filters and search options for public records
  • Social media and dark web scan included
  • Explains how to use the information
  • The most recent info is provided by this tool
  • Government watch list notice
  • Awarded as #1 best background check service
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • Self-monitoring capabilities


  • It costs an additional $2 to download your report
  • You will have to subscribe for monthly memberships, no single search option
  • No trial period for free
  • Only offers a database for search for the people of US
  • Several pop up ads

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TruthFinder helps you uncover details such as phone numbers, social media accounts, email addresses, qualifications, work details, public records of illegal activities, assets, names of relatives, and acquaintances about a person. As a matter of fact, the truthfinder app is praised heavily for its ability to provide accurate and time-relevant data.

The truthfinder app comes in handy in a multitude of situations: whether you are trying to reconnect with lost friends or relatives you’ve lost touch within the hustle and bustle of life or you want to settle cheating suspicions, you can always rely on TruthFinder for the truth! Moreover, you can also use the app to verify the authenticity of someone your guts find shady.

What is also different about this background check service is that it doesn’t waste your time. You do not need to go through dozens of pages of long instructions that you’ll skip reading anyway. The app has simple and to-the-point instructions that won’t leave you frustrated on how to proceed.

With upfront terms and conditions and clear guidelines on the legalities of data use, TruthFinder paves the way for smooth and safe searches. You will also be relieved to find out that no employer can withdraw an employment application on the basis of a background search performed on TruthFinder alone – limitations like this help the makers protect their members as well as those being ‘background-searched’ alike.

The application also gets extra points for speedy service. Their reports are generated in merely 10 minutes – can you believe it? This, coupled with the fact that the app is compatible with both Android and iOS makes it all the more attractive! The option to perform unlimited searches also becomes available to you once you get a membership.

Additionally, the truthfinder app offers a Reverse Phone Lookup Tool, which enables its users to search using a phone number; this reverse phone lookup service is much cheaper, costing you only $4.99 per month.

If you are the one uploading your profile, you have an option to choose what specific data you want to hide or show to the public – this means TruthFinder lets you monitor and control the information that’s put out there about you. The granting of this type of control to its members is what has helped the app gain the status of one of the top background check apps of the 21st century!

According to Truthfinder reviews, their customer service is, again, as noteworthy as the product itself. Whenever one encounters an inconvenience or faces any issues while using TruthFinder, he/she has the option to drop their concerns in the Help Box on their website; however, this only grants limited assistance. This is why we recommend you get in touch with their team via official email or by any given toll-free dial and seek help from their eager and friendly customer service staff that is always more than willing to accommodate and address your queries!

That being said, when using apps such as TruthFinder, it is imperative to remind yourself to not get carried away and keep yourself aware of the legalities surrounding the usage of data acquired. For instance, as we mentioned before, it is illegal to base hiring decisions on the background information of prospective employees. Furthermore, the Fair Credit Reporting Act renders data acquired from such a source inadmissible.

FYI, kudos to TruthFinder for highlighting this and educating its users on how/where to use the information acquired through their searches on the app – transparency of this nature is not something you come across every day!

How much does Truthfinder Cost per month?

TruthFinder surely grabs your attention when it comes to the price. Its billing plan is way lower than other sites, making a total of only $29 per month. There is also a discount of 20% for the first two months, which means you will have to pay only $24 a month.

You can download your report from the website for $2 each; a free-trial period is, however, something the good fellas at TruthFinder should absolutely look into. (Can’t stress this enough.)

The additional feature of searching by name, which other usual background sites don’t offer, is also a paid one. To use this feature, one has to buy a phone-number-search subscription for $5 – this is actually quite inexpensive though if you’re only making phone searches.

Customer Care Support and Security

Client support offered by TruthFinder is quite satisfactory according to truthfinder reviews. If you’re having difficulty using TruthFinder, you can always seek help on their website or from their 24/7 available customer support department!

For the safety and security of personal information, TruthFinder encrypts all its transmitted data. In fact, the service goes to great lengths to prevent mishandling of information and in protecting its community against criminal behavior such as stalking.

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What Truthfinder Background Check Service Can Do?

While Truthfinder generally tops the list of background check services, there are still things that bother its users.

  • Start offering a trial membership

People always look for a trial membership on background checks first because they need to make sure they are making the right choice. As discussed earlier, we know that TruthFinder doesn’t offer a trial membership which tends to frustrate its users quite often. They subscribe for the membership, and as soon as they learn that there is no free trial period available, they cancel the membership. By providing trial membership, TruthFinder can easily increase its number of subscriptions per month.

  • Make single searches purchasable without signing up for complete membership

Not all people make a lot of searches on background check websites. Sometimes people just need to make a search or two, catering to their needs. This option is not available on TruthFinder. Even for a single search, you will have to subscribe to a monthly membership. If they add an option of letting users pay for only the number of searches they carry out, they will be able to exceed customer acquisition targets, without a doubt!

  • Get rid of scare tactics

A slightly uncomfortable aspect of TruthFinder’s approach is that they tend to employ scare tactics. For example, warnings of extreme criminal-offense public records often pop up before search results load. These warnings are misleading in cases where no criminal records and public records are present in that particular background search but that doesn’t stop the searcher from freaking out – even if it’s only for a minute.

Using a different technique to issue warnings may prove beneficial for the service in the long run!

  • Remove irrelevant info like Horoscopes

As discussed earlier, we know that TruthFinder unnecessarily emphasizes astrological signs and horoscopes, which throws off many users. Different people have different mindsets. Some of them don’t believe in astrological signs and horoscopes, so the irrelevant information regarding a person’s horoscope annoys them. Perhaps this is something that can be made option-based for users, based on preferences?

  • Extend their database

The database of TruthFinder only works for people in the United States. They can try to broaden their database and add more regions to broaden their circle. Customers searching for someone outside the United States will have to use a different platform.

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FAQs About Truthfinder

Q. Is Truthfinder safe? 

Yes, your searches on TruthFinder are safe and confidential. TruthFinder is the right choice for you; we say this because of its advanced features such as dark web scan and private/public searches. They are also protected from vulnerable viruses that plague your computers.

Q. Is Truthfinder Legit?

Yes, TruthFinder checks are completely legal – they tap into both public and private databases to gather accurate and relevant information alongside detailed guidelines on how/where that information can be used.

Q. How do I use the information I get?

Certainly, you cannot use information coming from TruthFinder to make decisions about rentals and employment. You can use phone numbers, social media accounts, or email addresses to track down your friends or relatives. You can learn if your lover was married before or you can also become sure of someone you’re suspicious of.

Q. Does a person get notified when we are searching for their public records?

No, a person being searched for their public records is never notified. Your searches are safe and encrypted with truthfinder.

Q. What can be found on someone’s criminal record?

You will find all the crimes a person has been convicted of on TruthFinder.

Q. Is there an app for this background check service?

Yes. You can download the TruthFinder application on your mobile phone, which is available on both iOS and Android.

Q. How can I run a search on Truthfinder?

Running a search is simple – follow these steps to get started:

  1. Enter the name of the person in the box (both first and last name). Make sure to enter the name they use the most between their middle name and first name. You can also enter the former name of a person (if any) if you can’t find anything on the current name.
  2. Now enter his/her current location. If you don’t know their current location, try entering any former addresses you remember. The location adds a filter and makes your search more specific. Otherwise, you will have to go through all the searches with the same name or middle name.
  3. Examine results. When TruthFinder shows you a list of possible candidates matching your entered information, you can find the correct report by refining your results.
  4. After finding a result report, you can view their contact info, arrest and criminal records, public records, dating and social profiles, assets, photographs, business, and more.

Q: How to cancel a Truthfinder membership?

You can easily cancel your TruthFinder membership by following these steps.

  1. Cancel on the phone by calling (800)-699-8081. You can call anytime, and they will respond as quickly as possible, provided it’s not a major holiday.
  2. You can also cancel your membership online by visiting the membership setting tab of TruthFinder’s website.

Q: Do they have a free trial period?

No, there is no free trial period available. As it is quite difficult to compile results from millions of sites, the cost of doing this is very expensive.

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Conclusion: Is TruthFinder Legit?

TruthFinder is a powerful tool if you’re looking for an old relative or friend. It certainly tops our list of the background check sites out there due to its user-friendly interface and accurate information, extracted from both public and private databases with advanced features like dark web scan makes it the best background checks. Furthermore, the Fair Credit Reporting Act renders data acquired from such a source inadmissible.

The company has a rating of A+ on BBB. While on Trustpilot, their rating is 4.3, which is not surprising as most of the truthfinder reviews have given them five stars. Even though it’s a little bit on the pricey side, the costs do seem justified when you think of the features that come along.

Eventually, due to its costly membership plans, TruthFinder is a better fit for those looking to perform frequent searches!

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