Chamber boosts holiday shopping with events

Chamber boosts holiday shopping with events

A Christmas tree-lighting ceremony organized by the Roslyn Chamber of Commerce will take place on Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the Roslyn clock tower as part of an effort to promote local businesses and spur community participation during the holiday season. 

“We’re very involved with our merchants,” said Louis Federico, vice president of events for the Roslyn chamber. “We will bring the community out and offer Christmas caroling afterward.” 

The Roslyn chamber will also hold a holiday networking opportunity on Tuesday at the Swan Club at 6:30 p.m. 

The events comprise an effort to highlight local businesses during a time of increased  shopping, Frederico said. 

“We’re trying to bring business activity to the village, which has some real challenges,” he said.

Foremost among those is a lack of parking for customers, he said. 

Barbara Kaplan, a board member at the Roslyn Chamber of Commerce, said the parking meters, or muni-meters, make it difficult to quickly visit a store and make a purchase. 

“It is frustrating when shopping in Roslyn Village to have to deal with the muni-meters,” she said. “Sometimes I need to run into a store for literally two minutes.  Having to walk to the muni-meter, pay for a ticket, walk back to my car, put the ticket in the window, and then run my quick errand becomes a much lengthier ordeal, particularly in inclement weather.’’

Kaplan said the issue of parking comes up frequently at Chamber of Commerce meetings. 

“One member told me that she avoids shopping in the village because of the muni-meters,” Kaplan said. 

“Some villages do not charge for the meters in December to encourage holiday shopping; this is not done here but should be, in my opinion.” 

Roslyn Mayor John Durkin has acknowledged “there’s a problem with the downtown” parking, though it will not be fixed in the short term, he said. 

Sarah Oral, a village trustee, said last month, “The biggest issue we’re finding right now is that there’s no space to build another parking lot.  

“We can’t magically make one appear.”

In addition to holding Christmas events, the Chamber of Commerce will use its membership list and online presence to promote local businesses this holiday season. 

“We do email blasts on businesses, events and activities to members regularly,” Federico said. 


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