Every year, millions of people are affected by alcoholism and drug addiction across the world. For instance, in 2014, there were almost 21.5 million people in America suffering from substance use disorders. Unfortunately, many people that suffer from addiction or substance abuse disorders are unable to get treatment due to lack of money or health insurance.

As such, long-term drug use continues to wreak havoc in the lives of these people. Finances are the major hindrance because buying drugs becomes the priority of addicts. Addiction takes control over their lives. Instead of thinking about health insurance and food they focus on getting their daily dose of the addictive substance. Eventually, they end up in unmanageable debts.

But, is it possible to get no insurance drug rehab? The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Money should not hinder you or your loved one from getting treatment for drug addiction. There are many ways to receive treatment for addiction without savings in your bank or health insurance.

How Addiction Treatment is Important for the Addicts

Since it’s a chronic disease, addiction is characterized by uncontrollable or impulsive drug use and seeking tendencies despite the knowledge of its harmful effects and the changes it causes into the brain. These effects tend to be long-lasting if treatment is not sought.

Addiction treatment is important for the addicts because:

  • It provides emotional, spiritual and community support that addicts need to regain control over their lives. Eventually, they become productive society members and handle their lives in their own terms.
  • Treatment enables individuals to rebuild self-esteem and personal relationships because it enables them to participate in family events, hobbies, sports, and volunteer works.
  • Treatment enables individuals to change their lives’ direction. Instead of spending money on addictive substances, they invest in profitable projects.

Successful treatment for addiction incorporates different approaches. For instance, a treatment program can include behavioral counseling, medical applications and devices for treating withdrawal symptoms, medication, evaluating and treating co-occurring mental disorders, support, and long-term follow up.

Addiction Treatment Costs Money

Treatment for addiction usually requires money. That’s why people that need help for addiction without insurance might end up not getting it. Generally, the cost of treatment for addiction varies depending on the chosen treatment center. Undergoing treatment for addiction in a luxury rehab for instance can cost you or a loved one thousands of dollars every day. However, there are free programs that you can consider if you or a loved one wants to receive treatment for addiction without money or health insurance.

Essentially, there is an addiction treatment program for everyone regardless of their budget. You just need to take advantage of the available resources to access treatment. Always remember that the cost of rehab is not as expensive as the cost of alcohol and drug addiction.

If treatment for addiction is not sought, the problem can escalate and lead to job loss which can affect income negatively. Drug prices, health issues, legal problems and job loss due to addiction will end up costing you more in the long run. As such, it’s important to seek help with the addiction problem the earliest possible to avoid more troubles even if you don’t have money or health insurance.

What to Do When You Don’t Have Money or Health Insurance

When you or a loved one needs drugs or alcohol rehab without insurance, it’s easy to feel desperate and probably give up. However, there are options for people without health insurance when it comes to seeking treatment for addiction.

Here are some of the non-insurance programs for addiction treatment to consider:

State-Funded Rehab

State-funded rehab facilities use the money they receive from the government to run their programs. This money is distributed to these centers by individual states in order to support persons that want to recover from addiction but don’t have money.

These facilities offer detox, support services, and treatment for people with low income or without savings as well as those with insufficient or no insurance. Some of these programs are funded with reimbursement via Medicaid or grants. Others receive funds from the state budgets.

To benefit from such programs, an individual has to prove that they are residents of the state and the U.S, provide personal information on addiction level and history. They also have to prove income status.

Faith-Based Rehab

There are faith-based or Christian groups that provide free alcohol and drug recovery programs. It’s however important to note that not every faith-based addiction treatment center or program is free of charge. Therefore, talk to the faith-based rehab near you to find out if it offers free programs.

Non-Profit Organizations

Some non-profit organizations provide drug addiction rehabilitation to people without health insurance. Additionally, some of these organizations give grants to individuals that need help with addiction but don’t have health insurance.

Grants and Scholarships

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration grants enable some individuals to get treatment for drug or alcohol addiction without insurance or ways to pay for treatment. To find out whether you or your loved one can qualify for these grants, review application requirements on the website of this organization.

Additionally, you can approach the addiction treatment centers near you for a scholarship. Find out if they offer scholarships to people that need treatment for addiction without insurance or money. Most centers do.

Borrow Money

Many people will not hesitate to help their loved one get money to pay for addiction treatment. Therefore, consider borrowing money from family members and friends. Since they care, they will be glad to help you or your loved one make this positive change in life.

Raise Money

A person that is inspired to undergo treatment for addiction can do anything to raise money for treatment. This can include selling assets, using personal savings, and requesting donations.


Lack of funds or health insurance should not be a reason to waste away in addiction. There are many options to explore when it comes to getting drug and alcohol rehab for people with no insurance. The most important thing is to consider the available options and go for what works best for you or your loved one depending on the nature and extent of addiction.


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