Parkwood pool briefly closed for broken glass


The main pool at the Great Neck Park District’s Parkwood Sports Complex was closed last Wednesday for about two hours after broken glass was found inside the pool.

Park District Superintendent Jason Marra said it was “not a big issue at all,” but  the pool was closed to ensure safety.

“We were overcautious to make sure everything was completely safe,” Marra said. “We thought it was addressed, but wanted to take the extra time to clean it up overnight and make sure everything was OK for the next day.”

At around 5:15 p.m., he said, a few broken pieces of glass were discovered in the pool by maintenance workers.

“At that moment, we closed the pool so we could find out what happened,” Marra said.

He said that  maintenance workers spent the night cleaning and vacuuming the pool so that park district residents could  use it the next day.

During the cleanup efforts, Marra said, it was discovered that there were a few broken pieces of glass within the cracks of the concrete deck just outside of the pool.

He said officials believed someone dropped a cell phone or iPad near the pool and pieces of  broken glass were blown into the pool accidentally by an employee cleaning around it.

Marra said it was a “unique incident” and that they did not “foresee it happening again.”

In an effort to ensure it would not happen again, he said that blowers would not be used near the pool deck and workers would instead manually sweep around the pool.

Marra said that only the main pool was closed during the almost two-hour period and that the  surrounding pools remained open.


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