Port Washington needs Nora, Beth and Larry for 3 more years 


As a teacher, entrepreneur, and recent three-year Board of Education trustee, I have never been a fan of the status quo.

I have spent my entire career innovating and encouraging innovation, new ideas, and new ventures. But I learned, in my time on the Board of Ed, the values of experience, of even-handedness, and of understanding how things work in governing public education.

With this in mind, I urge you to vote for Nora Johnson, Beth Weisburd and Larry Greenstein at the BoE elections on May 18.

There were many times I disagreed with Nora, Beth and Larry on particular issues during my term. It is fair to say that at times, I did not see eye-to-eye with them on things.

But never in three years did I doubt their integrity, their passion, or their connection to families and the community. All three care deeply, are super capable and have the experience necessary to guide our diverse district to the future during these uncertain times.

The accusation from their opponents that they are out-of-touch with the community because their kids are no longer students in the district is simply baseless and arguably ageist.

I admire everyone who has the courage to run for office, especially the unpaid, work-intense role that is the Board of Education.

That said, of the four others running, two are arguably unqualified, one is a lovely but one-issue candidate, and one is actually super qualified but has a level of arrogance that would unquestionably prohibit his success on the board.

While they are all well-intentioned, they are simply not as strong candidates as Nora, Beth and Larry.

Change is scary, and yet is often the right thing to do. My career is proof of this for me.

But just like the status quo for the sake of it is never right, change for the sake of it is never right either. And this time, the right move for Port Washington and our children’s future is absolutely to vote for Nora Johnson, Beth Weisburd and Larry Greenstein.

Dave Kerpen

Port Washington


  1. Shocked. I’m shocked that a failed BOE member who stepped in some major messes (not to mention the and former lead of an unknown marketing firm) supports fellow failing BOE members. This guy Kerpen is an embarrassment. And a quitter.
    Get rid of them all.
    Nanette and two others need to shake this town up.
    – Fred O’Hallerin
    Flower Hill

  2. The cancel police has spoken! and more amazing it’s that is coming from the most “likable” person in town.
    Mr. Kerpen, since you are the self appointed referee of qualifications to run for the BOE, where does it say that some are “qualified” and others are not?. The truth is that anyone who is a qualified voter can run and should run.
    Stop being an annoying Orange before you turn into a lemon!

  3. Mr. Kerpen,
    For being the most “likable” person in the entire North East, you certainly are not afraid to add to your expressed “accomplishments” by appointing yourself the arbiter of who is qualified to be running for the Board of Ed. Use your “orange” energy to argue why the incumbents should be re-elected to their positions and don’t try to belittle a couple of parents,residents and taxpayers who are running for the board.
    Stop being an “annoying orange” before you turn into a real lemon. I for one was eternally grateful that you did not run for the board again because if I had heard one more of your YELLS followed by the thunderous applause, my titanous would have gotten worse!


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