Public hearing set for four-story Main Street proposal

Public hearing set for four-story Main Street proposal
The lot at 88 Main Street, and next door Buccelli Uomo at 86 Main Street. (Photo Courtesy of Google Maps)

A public hearing on the application for a four-story mixed use building at 86-88 Main St. is set for Wednesday, Nov. 14, at Mineola Village Hall.

Zambrano Architectural Design will request from the Village Board of Trustees 12 variances through the village code’s incentive bonus law. The code allows the board to permit adjustments to building codes, including height, open space and parking requirements among others.

The company was not immediately available for comment about the requested variances.

The plans for 86-88 Main St. were originally submitted for the incentive plan, then changed to go before the zoning board, then again changed back to the incentive plan, a representative from the village Building Department said.

A document from the department initially denied the plans on the grounds of the variances.

The building plan would combine 86 and 88 Main St., demolishing the vacant one-and-a-half-story Buccelli Uomo to its foundation. A four-story, mixed use building with a restaurant on the ground floor and apartments on the second, third and fourth floor are part of the proposed plans available at the Building Department.

Joseph Puccio, of Wyckoff, New Jersey, is listed as the property owner for the proposed lots.

“There probably won’t be a restaurant there,” Puccio said. “I don’t know what will go there because it hasn’t been approved yet.”

The building variances requested for the combined lots regarding parking include zero proposed space where nine feet by 20 feet is required, zero proposed parking spaces where one is required per 200 square feet for restaurants and zero proposed parking spots where two are required per apartment unit.

Additional variances include the minimum area for two combined lots, which is 4,463.63 square feet as compared with the required 6,000 square feet, the proposed four stories being taller than the village two-story height regulation, zero feet of proposed front yard set back where five feet is required and five variances for development height, width and depth requirements.

The public hearing will start at 6:30 p.m. following another public hearing for the establishment of an art instructional school at 270 Jericho Turnpike.

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