Readers Write: Bible offers perfect truth


No, I’m not going to take a side or endorse a candidate.
It’s not my expertise nor is it my role.
Rather, I hope to utilize the current political fever to draw your attention to the timeless wisdom in the Torah (Bible).
 The Bible is G-d’s wisdom. Meaning, it is absolute and perfect truth.  
 Every other wisdom is less than perfect.
However, since all wisdoms (as all things) ultimately flow forth from the creator, they all must contain some aspects of truth.
 The “Torah of Truth” will therefore tend to come down on both sides of every issue. (Sounds very Jewish, I know… but on the other hand…).
Let me illustrate this with a few examples:
 – The Bible celebrates success and personal responsibility, while it holds compassion and charity as the highest ideals.
 – The Bible expects the employee to work tirelessly and honestly for the employer, while it demands the boss treat his workers with dignity and respect, to the furthest degree.
 – The Bible is a tough, demanding Book, with strict law and order and the highest standards of morality and spirituality.
At the same time, it is loving and forgiving, constantly emphasizing it’s never too late to fix mistakes.
 “For it (the Bible) is your wisdom and knowledge in the eyes of all the nations” (Deut 4:6). (It’s no wonder South Korea made Talmud study mandatory in schools). (Mush please link article to this story)
 If we’re going to spend time studying the election, it behooves us to spend at least as much time studying Torah.
We’ll be much wiser for it because we’ll be going to the source, the original Think Tank from whence all wisdom flows forth!
Rabbi Shalom M. Paltiel
Chabad of Port Washington


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