Readers Write: Criticism of Muslims, Mexicans warranted


I am writing this article in response to a column in the Friday, July 29, 2016 issue of the Roslyn Times.  
It was composed by Mr. Jerry Kremer. It was highly critical of Donald Trump.
Mr. Kremer’s first criticism regards an accusation that Donald Trump is an isolationist, just because his campaign theme is “America First.”  
At this point in history, I applaud “America First.”  
I want resistance to the globalist types who want to erase all national borders.  This has been explicitly said to be the goal by the Open Society Foundation funded by George Soros.
One of the reasons World War I was fought was so various people could have a feeling of nationhood and belonging.   
They did not want to be some small segment of a larger empire; at that time the Romanov, Austrian, Hohenzollern, and Ottoman empires.
Well, I have no interest in being part of some new “globalist new world order” empire either.  
I think most Americans agree with me.  To call this isolationist is mendacious.
Mr. Kremer takes umbrage at the fact that Mr. Trump made disparaging remarks about Muslims and Mexicans.  
To begin with, Mr. Trump is not a politician.  He only entered the political arena one year ago.  
He does not have handlers and advisers who groomed him for decades in the art of the political double speak to hide their true agendas.  Mr. Trump may not be that articulate.  But not being articulate does not make one wrong or stupid.
Whether Mr. Kremer wants to admit it or not, Islam is not just a religion.  
Like Communism, it is a totalitarian ideology.  It seeks to control every aspect of your life i.e. your sex life, the music you listen too, the books you read, etc.
Like Communism, it believes the personal is the political.  
As someone who has done some serious genealogy, I have come across immigration papers from 100 years ago.  
One of the questions they asked new immigrants at that time was whether or not they were “anarchists.”  
If you said “no,” and it was later found out that you were an anarchist, then you would be deported.  
I want Muslims to be vetted. I want to know if they will violate the civil rights of other groups in the U.S. (like they violated the civil rights of peaceful Christians marching in Flint, Mich.).  
I want them to answer as to whether or not they believe in Sharia law.  
Sharia law is incompatible with individual rights and the formation of a Republic.  
Anyone believing in it should be refused entry to this country.  
If Mr. Kremer disagrees, then let him explicitly tell us what he would like to do with Sharia Law proponents.  
As for Mexicans, Mr. Trump is correct as well.
Rape is endemic in Mexico.  
Remember last year, there was this outrageous gang rape in India, where the perpetrators not only raped the girl, but then proceeded to mutilate her.  
Indian women, as passive as they are, took to the streets in justifiable anger and protest.  
Well guess what!  The rate of rape in Mexico is higher than that of India.  
Child rape is especially pronounced  (see  
Latin American girls, trekking through Mexico to reach the U.S. border, take birth control pills as a precaution since they expect to be raped.  
Rape is not the only crime.  Illegal immigrants commit disproportionate levels of homicide, kidnaping and drug dealing.   
In addition, not allowing border security is a direct attack on the sovereignty of the United States.  
Does Mr. Kremer believe the U.S. has no right to build a wall?
I should add that I am married to an immigrant.  
She went through all the proper legal channels.  Her fellow immigrant friends were law abiding.  
When their visas expired, they left the country.  This sometimes meant giving up job opportunities or the breaking of romances.  
Those people that would allow illegal immigration are contemptible.  They make saps and suckers out of law abiding people for following the rules.  
Those who promote sanctuary cities and in state tuition for illegals might have a warped, grandiose, self-image that they represent some kind of “underground railroad” akin to that during the Civil War.  
In fact, they are, accessories to criminal acts and cruelly insensitive to the feelings of law abiding people.
Mr. Kremer complains that Donald Trump never disavowed the appeal of the Ku Klux Klan.  
I did not notice any Klan flags at the RNC.  
In contrast, Hiillary Clinton never disavowed the appeal of Bernie Sanders communists.  
They paraded at the DNC with the hammer and sickly proudly waving.  The communists killed exponentially more people than the Klan ever did.
Mr Kremer then proceeds to make the outright lie that coal use is declining throughout the world.  
This was to mock Trump’s appeal to bring back coal jobs to West Virginia.  
China has built 155 new coal plants and Japan is in the process of building 43 ( to replace the loss of energy at the Fukushima nuclear plant during the tsunami).
The U.S. has built none.  If that lie wasn’t big enough, he then proceeds to say that most of the new steel production plants are in the United States.  
Japan produces more steel than we do and China produces about five times as much as what we do.  
That is where most of the steel making plants are.
Besides, steel and coal jobs are not the only losses to our economy.  
Thousands of other manufacturing facilities in the rust belt states have been lost , i.e. TVs, computers, shoes, garments, etc.
I noticed Mr. Kremer avoided addressing these facts.
Lastly, Mr.Trump never praised Saddam Hussein.  
He just acknowledged that he did the world a favor by executing terrorists.  
I remember a world-wide protest against the war in Iraq that drew about 5 million participants.  
The marchers thought themselves to be “good:” people for opposing the war.  
But they were trying to preserve the Hussein regime.  I wonder if any of the 5 million were Democrats.
He also never praised Putin.  
ISIS was financing its operations by selling the oil it had seized by running oil convoys into Turkey.  
Trump did acknowledge Putin’s role in stemming the flow with Russian air raids; and that we should be grateful for the help.  
Our pathetic president refused to bomb the oil convoys at all.  
I will have more to say about Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton in future letters.
Dr. Wayne Roth
Roslyn Heights


  1. LMAO. This is the most ignorant rant siting convenient out of context quotes from non significant figures this foreign policy legal council and professor has EVER read. Dangerous ignorance, bordering on asinine. Please do the world a favor and get a better quality of education, “Dr.”

  2. I remember being in a LI firehouse and reading an application that was posted on their bulletin board and one question in particular. ” Are you a member of the Communist party or any other subversive group? Nuff said.

  3. You three are just refusing to believe the truth! All three should just take a flying leap out of our country. I’m glad I don’t know any of you personally. I would be ashamed to consider you a friend. You, “Browsing researcher” are “asinine”. And Mr. Delgado, I, for one, look forward to what Dr. Roth has to say about Mr. Trump and HILLARY CLINTON. Clinton is a disgrace to this country. Anyone who praises her should get their head out of the sand. Have a nice life all three of you, preferably out of our great country.

  4. i look forward to Dr. Roth’s future comments. Mr. Delgato apparently suffers from the mental disorder called liberalism. He should listen to Michael Savage’s radio show on N.Y.’s WABC, who has been talking about securing our borders, making English our official language to bring down the costs of the tower of babble and give us a identity, and explain our american culture as unique in all the world with it’s checks and balances written into our laws. he has been on the radio since 1994 and is author of many books of all topics of interest! As for the browsing researcher, he probably is a teacher at one of our local colleges or schools infecting our students with his global village mentality… and as for Rich De Leo, he thinks communists are OK, he should give the facts of any successful commie country that did not murder most all of their fellow citizen opponents in their quest to control things! liberals have ruined NY and that is why i just moved out of that crappy unconstitutional gun-free-zone-safe-act-state.


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