Readers Write: Historic disgrace: Trump goes limp before Putin! Beats on own country, allies!


In a tremendous collapse and surrender of American leadership, the president of the United States emerges from a private unobserved one-hour, one-on-one session in a private room with Russia’s strongman, and then demonstrates on the world stage that Trump is Putin’s bitch.

Blaming his own Justice Department, FBI,  Intelligence Agencies, his Democratic challengers, an entire American political party, his country’s electoral system, whinnying to legitimize his own election, demeaning his country’s most dedicated international allies while  standing alongside a murderous butcher of a foe to whom he kowtowed, deferred , sided with and admired, was pathetic, pathetic, pathetic, simply pathetic.

Republican patriots. Now is your time to show.  

Gary Ackerman



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