Readers Write: Hoping least dangerous elected prez

Readers Write: Hoping least dangerous elected prez

Of top importance at the moment is the upcoming presidential election. 
Usually it is hoped that the best candidate will win which would benefit all of the people. 
Justice for all can be considered to be the most important phrase in the pledge to our flag. 
It, however, is a different situation this time around. 
Speaking for myself and perhaps also the majority is the hope that the least dangerous of the two will become our next president.
Regarding our local elections, I have a pile of recent political mailings. 
Most of them are vile in nature. The only identity of the source of some is the postal permit number. 
In addition to a candidate’s past record, by seeing which endorsements a candidate has accepted, it is possible to say who they actually are and how they will benefit the general electorate — which ones do or do not speak with “forked tongue.”
My choice overwhelmingly will be to cast my vote for Adam Haber, Tom Suozzi and Kathleen Rice.
Every individual, protection organization or union has its just rights but may not overstep them. 
The primary reason for the election of Madeline Singas as our Nassau County district attorney is that she has the experience and independence to keep everything in its proper balance. 
None may be allowed to exceed their bounds.
I am aware of what just happened to the Manganos and their friend.
I don’t believe the Feds would have made their move if they didn’t have a tight case. 
I can wonder if it would have happened without the help of our present district attorney.
If someone is proven to have done wrong, they ultimately have no one to blame but themselves. 
On the one hand it is a sad day for Nassau County and on the other it brings hope for a better future.
Another thing I notice is all the talk about vitalizing Long Island.
Long Island is crowded as it is. One look at the local traffic confirms this. 
The water supply may be closer to its limit than realized and the sewer system is in need of an overhaul.
One aspect that does look promising in some areas is downtown revitalization such as in Mineola being next to the train station. 
The day I noted trains going West in the morning  and East in the evening during rush hour, the average was a train passing through Mineola every 4.6 minutes. 
It can’t get much better than that. 
When one gets out to Suffolk County and places such as Ronkonkoma, viewed from Penn Station, they are Podunks far away out in the boonies.
Getting to the train station, making the long trip to Penn Station and from there to the final destination is long, time consuming and expensive.
It has to be done in reverse the evening; impractical for commuting. 
There is no magic that can change that. 
Charles Samek 

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