Readers Write: Kindness always goes a long way

Readers Write: Kindness always goes a long way

We’re in the holiday season and there is a lot of hustle and bustle this time of the year. 
Yet I believe kindness to those we meet, even if just entails a kind smile and hello or even to say we are sorry if we accidentally knock into someone while shopping. 
You can also say: ”have a nice day.” 
Now let me take this further, I’m back to taking busses again until I can afford a car again. 
I’ve have learn a few things while working in retail and that is when I board a bus I greet the bus driver with a kind hello and when I leave the bus I say goodbye by saying, “have a nice day.” 
You see these bus drivers have a lot of stress in their day and need a kind word to cheer them up. 
I think more people ought to do the same. 
Here’s an experience I had the other day on the bus. 
I’m 67 years old and have bad knees and usually sit in the front of the bus, I saw an elderly woman with packages and was having a hard time and than offer my seat. 
You see I believe there are those that are worst off than myself and need a helping hand. 
Now here something else I find a lack of and that is kindness and more respect toward women. 
My question is has chivalry ended? 
If so let’s bring it back like give a seat to woman, open a door or just offer a measure of kindness and respect. 
Now just not during the holidays but all year round. 
Remember this again — kindness goes a long way, so pass it on to others.
Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

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