Readers Write: Liberal media quashes Trump, backs Clinton


The relentless Trump bashing in the corporate media continues, with little pretext of evenhandedness.
It’s clear the corporate media has an agenda, i.e., stop Trump and elect Hillary Clinton.
The media is doing its best to dictate the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election. There can’t be any serious dispute about this.
The media isn’t serving its intended function of providing for real debate on political issues.
Instead it is functioning as a cheerleader for one side against the other; an organ of propaganda, not information.
This disables the average American from making a well-informed choice as to how to vote.   
Six corporations now own 90 percent of our media.
Cross-ownership of newspapers, and TV and radio stations, which used to be illegal, is now common. This is the result of the 1996 Telecommunications Act signed into law by Bill Clinton when he was President.  
Given this intense concentration in a handful of companies, media coverage strongly influences the outcome of our elections.
When that coverage is distorted by bias, as it is currently, the average person is deprived of the objective information necessary to make informed choices.
This lack of honest reporting is dangerous for, and harmful to the country.
If Trump is elected, breaking up the media monopoly should be a priority.
A good start would be repeal of the 1996 Telecommunications Act , returning to the prior system where cross-ownership of media platforms in the same markets was prohibited.
This would allow for more, and more diverse voices to be heard on all issues. A good thing.
The more real debate there is on issues, the more likely good decisions will be reached.
If repeal doesn’t occur, concentrated corporate control of our media will remain in place. That’s a problem.
There are very few office-seekers like Donald Trump who can successfully withstand a sustained negative media barrage.
Most would-be office holders don’t have the means to resist it. So they go along with what those who control the media want.
That’s why we have the political situation we do.
There is no effective way to counter those who control the media.
They are the most potent force in politics.
John O’Kelly
East Williston


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