Readers Write: Limit our U.S. reps to two terms


Everyone agrees that limits should be added to the terms for members of Congress.

House and Senate leadership is corrupt and deep in the pockets of special interests. We send our elected officials to do our business in Washington and we need to get them out of Washington before they are too deep in the swamp.

Let’s end the swamp ourselves. Since no one else is capable we the people have to step up and own it! Control the swamp and drain it ourselves. It will work if we push for it.

It’s the biggest reason by far. The will of the people has been forgotten by our elected officials. They go to Washington and take on an elite status. It goes to their heads.

If you’re the woman or the man or any race or creed with the right message, we will elect you. Go and serve and then plan to go back to get on with your life after two terms. It’s enough!

We need term limits in order to get anything done in this country for the good of all Americans once and for all.

Bill Spitalnick

East Hills



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