Readers Write: NICE route cuts jeopardize Great Neck pedestrians


My name is Yuki Endo, resident of Jackson Heights, Queens and member of
Long Island Bus Riders Union, fighting for better bus service In Long Island.
I am frequent rider of n20 bus and I’m quoting on Reader’s Opinion, “Plaza bus routing a threat to motorists”, July 26, 2016.
Reader Mauriel Pfeifer forgot Nassau County Bus Service is not part of the MTA; it’s private public ownership operated by Veolia Transdev.
She was not aware that before NICE Bus service cut on June 27 last year, the N20 bus, which used to run between Hicksville and Flushing via Great Neck Station, as well as N21 bus, which used to run rush hour between Glen Cove and Flushing via Great Neck station.
The reason NICE Bus CEO Michael Setzler cut the N21 bus west of Great Neck Station and the N20 bus was two split into two routes, N20H Hicksville-Great Neck bus and N20G Great Neck-Flushing was to save time and budget. NiCE Bus has lots of budget problems.
The MTA do not have permission to control NICE Bus situation.
When the N20 bus used to be direct bus service, there were no interference with motorists because only some rush-hour short trips originated and terminated at Great Neck Station, while few of them were interlined with N57 Great Neck Loop bus.
Instead of building a bus terminal, a better solution to reinstate the direct N20 bus via Great Neck Train Station, so there will be only four bus routes during rush hour which are N21, N25, N26 and N57/58 bus routes layover while only three routes on other time since N26 only has few trips to and from Jamaica in peak rush hour.
I have testified at a NICE Bus public hearing and Nassau  County Legislature full hearing regarding N20 bus riders want their direct N20 bus service restored to way it was before the service cut.
Sometimes when Great Neck-bound N20G bus arrives at Middle Neck Road/Northern Boulevard, there is already Hicksville-bound N20H bus waiting to make left turn, forcing N20 bus riders to play FROGGER at extreme dangerous and busy intersection to catch connecting bus which I recorded with my camera which is on Youtube, “N20 riders play FROGGER” and opposite direction as well.
This is serious problem for seniors and pregnant women because all passengers on N20 bus are forced to jump red light to make our connecting bus.
For this reason, I have started petition on to restore direct N20 bus back to way it was.
Great Neck Village Mayor Jean Celender should ride N20H and N20G buses between Hicksville and Flushing with transfer at Great Neck Station to see how bad bus situation in Great Neck is.
I agree with Mauriel that Great Neck Station is not built for bus layover.
I also have been contacting Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano regarding N20 bus situation because he was responsible for cutting funding for bus service that forced N20 bus to split at Great Neck Station and inconvience bus drivers, bus riders and motorists in beautiful Great Neck community.
Yuki Endo
Member of Long Island Bus Riders Union.
Jackson Heights, Queens


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