Readers Write: Reviewing look of new stores

Readers Write: Reviewing look of new stores

understand the desire and need for the village to have as few vacant stores as possible. 
It has an economic effect, visual effect and in the minds of many residents speaks to a decline in the village — this also has a negative connotation on others who then will not come as often to shop here.
Part of this is due to the landlords who apparently will not lower rents and part to the village which does not use good judgment in who they permit to open.  
For instance,several years ago you allowed four yogurt stores at one time and now only one still exists here. 
A clear case of too many stores of the same type. 
Now it seems you are allowing an overabundance of Asian establishments, most of whom will not be here in one to two years.
In addition, by allowing the garish sign on new Asian restaurant that will soon open where the toy store was, certainly shows a decline in the character of this village. 
The sign belongs in a strip mall — not on Middle Neck Road.
I hope you and the trustees will give more consideration to any stores that are allowed and to what they will look like.
L. Goldberg and M. Stein
Great Neck

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