Readers Write: Trump set tone for anti-Haber ad

Readers Write: Trump set tone for anti-Haber ad

The ad depicting Adam Haber as “The Fiddler” with exaggerated facial features is a shameful display of anti-Semitism that should never be a part of any campaign, media outlet or any part of our civilized world.
 We have reached new lows that have been set by the Republican presidential candidate. 
The bar hasn’t just been lowered, it’s been removed. So does that give us all license to follow suit and go as low as we can? I certainly hope not. But that’s exactly what that defamatory ad does.
I have been an educator my entire professional life and decades ago created a human rights program in schools on Long Island that promotes acceptance of difference and prejudice reduction. 
One of the chief offenders that we have had to combat has always been the media. But I have seen progress in most media outlets. 
Why are we now regressing and projecting images to our young people that are extremely damaging to all of us? 
Is it the intention of the individual(s) who created and published this image of Adam Haber to set us back, to tell our children that it is OK to denigrate everyone? 
Should we abandon any progress we have made over the years because a political candidate for the highest office in our country chooses to use language and actions that are totally inappropriate and dangerous for our country and particularly for our children and young adults?
 Educators have been dealing with the horrors of anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia, racism, and every other kind of human bashing that has existed from the beginning of time. We work very hard to set positive examples and be role models for our students. We establish curriculum and programs that educate and reinforce the necessity for acceptance and inclusion of all people. 
How ironic that Adam Haber, a candidate for State Senate and a long time defender and supporter of human rights for all of us, has been the target of this latest vicious assault.
 The person or persons responsible must step forward, retract their dangerous message and apologize. 
Otherwise, we are sending a clear signal to our young people that it is OK to attack anyone we can, simply because they are not exactly like us.
Bruce Castellano
Creator and Director of Increase the Peace
Visiting Professor and Presenter of the Human Rights Program
Adelphi University
Garden City

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