We are all fortunate enough to live in such a high-achieving, multicultural district as Herricks with an administration and Board of Education that’s always pushing hard to improve the quality of education into the 21st Century. 
Part of that improvement comes in the look of our buildings and outdoor facilities since they are a big indicator of how well our schools are run and how high achieving we are. 
Recently, our facilities, which are still in the same shape as they were when they opened in the 1950s, have been getting tired, outdated and in a huge need of a facelift. 
Because of this, I’m asking everyone to go out Tuesday, Dec. 6 to the Community Center Gym from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. to vote yes on the bond referendum that will give our buildings the makeover it deserves. 
Even though I’m a high school senior and can’t vote and won’t be able to experience the new upgrades, I want the current and future generations of Herricks students to get to experience the brand new look our buildings will have like updated bleachers, cafeteria and fitness center at the High School. Updated bathrooms, windows and doors at all of the schools and Community Center. Even if you don’t have kids or aren’t involved in the schools, still show your support for the children by voting yes especially since there is zero tax impact from this bond referendum so it is a win-win for everyone.
Richard D’Orazi
Manhasset Hills

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