Unfinished bayside home gets one-year extension

Unfinished bayside home gets one-year extension

The Plandome Heights Board of Trustees on Monday approved a one-year extension of a permit to build a home by Manhasset Bay that would have expired next week.

The board granted homeowner Andy Cheung’s request for a 12-month extension on the building permit for his home at 200 The Tideway. The permit would have expired Dec. 15.

Cheung must present the board with a 12-month completion plan, which includes progress goals on a monthly basis. 

The building inspector will monitor progress and report to the board on whether he is up to date. 

The building permit has to be renewed every month during the 12-month extension after receiving approval from the building inspector that construction is on schedule.

If Cheung cannot comply with a progress schedule, the extension will be terminated and he must report to the village board to discuss renewing the extension on the building permit.

Cheung has been building the house for about three years. 

The prolonged construction has bothered village residents, who want the construction to be finished as quickly as possible. 

There has been progress on the building of Cheung’s home since the last Board of Trustees meeting last month, said Ed Butt, the village building inspector.

“Everything’s moving along exactly as planned,” said Lin Cheung, the general contractor on the project. “I have a scheduled date where my guys will be full force in there. The plumber, the electrician, my carpenters [will be working] on Dec. 19.”

Cheung must pay all costs of the public hearing  on the building permit extension, officials said.

He must also pay one and a half times the normal charge of building department oversight of the extended permit, less than the rate of triple the normal charge that the village has imposed on prior permit extensions.

In a previous case, “we didn’t have a competent general contractor. We appear to have one at this point in time so I don’t think that level of commitment is required,” village Mayor Kenneth Riscica said.

Riscica proposed having quarterly inspections instead of monthly inspections on the condition that building progress is on schedule.


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