Urgent appeal to fund a holiday display in North New Hyde Park

The Lakeville Estates Civic Association is successful for the first time in having a Holiday Display for the North New Hyde Park area.

We purchased a 14-foot Christmas Tree and 9 -oot Menorah for the display. As we don’t have a formal downtown area or a town hall this effort was not successful in the past.

Due to the generosity of the Pliskin family the display will be placed at 938 Hillside Ave., just east of the intersection of Lakeville Road at the old Dairy Barn location.

This project has an approximate cost of $4,000 and we are asking all our members if they will contribute to this effort.

To date, we have pledges of about $ 1,000. It is a long way to go and so little time, but “We Believe” that you will help contribute to this special fund. Please make your checks out to Lakeville Estates Civic Association and mail to PO Box 46 NHP, NY 11040. Please if you have not yet paid for your 2020 membership please write a separate $15 check for membership and mail it in the same envelope.

We do have a jajor problem, right now we have no electricity and generators are out of the question, we are hoping by Monday, Dec. 9 this issue will be resolved.

We have spoken to members of the Christian and Jewish faith and they are excited to have a display with or without lights. However that is not stopping us, even the huge Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center didn’t have lights when the tradition first began but that did not stop them.

Our Menorah lighting ceremony will take place on Sunday, Dec. 22; specific time will be emailed when it is confirmed at a later time.

Our Christmas Tree lighting ceremony will also be emailed to you, please remember this is a grassroots effort that only came about a week ago. There are still a lot of variables but we have purchased the live Christmas tree and the Menorah and they will be installed this week.

Please remember that these costs cannot be absorbed by the civic from our existing funds as it is a new fund appeal and this was never voted on by our members.

Next year we will not have the same expenses as we have purchased the menorah at a cost of $1,800 that will not be repeated next year.

Any money in excess in what we need will be applied to next year’s holiday celebration.

Thanking you in advance for your generosity and cooperation.

Bill Cutrone and the Executive Board

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