What Changes Can We Expect In the Online Casino Industry In 2022

Over the past few years, the casino industry has seen massive growth — more than anyone ever anticipated. With developments in technology and a growing user base, hundreds of online casinos are emerging on the web.

Slot games have been the fuel to several online casino businesses, and we know that 2020 will be an exciting year for them. By the end of 2020, global online gambling is expected to exceed $60 billion. This shows that the competition between casinos will be more intense, and the developers will have to bring their best games forward.

So what is in store for the online casino industry, and how will the technology change the world of gambling in 2020? Keep reading this post to know what changes we can expect in the online casino market in 2020.

Redirecting Marketing

Similar to traditional casinos, online casinos have always been directed toward male players. This is likely because, in previous years, males were more interested in gambling than females. However, with the invention of smart devices and the introduction of new trends, more women are participating in online casino games.

This has changed the marketing scenario for online casinos, and now it appeals to both genders equally. In fact, some casinos are being developed exclusively for female players.

Changes in Consumer Gambling Habits

When looking at the online gambling market, you can easily see an evolution in consumer behavior due to the increasing popularity of social gambling and the introduction of gambling applications. These trends will surely promote the casino industry in 2020.

Today, marketers are taking complete advantage of how the internet can be used on several devices. The adoption and usage of smartphones are increasing day by day, and more groundbreaking gambling games are popping up online to create a social experience for players. This social gambling experience not only offers the possibility to engage and interact through games but also allows players to compete in a safe environment.

Additionally, free social gambling is also affecting the global casino market. Revenue may not be generated directly through free-to-play games, but sometimes virtual sales can be so much more than what we might expect. All in all, one way or the other, the combination of online social gambling and online gambling is expected to grow in 2020.

Cryptocurrency is Set to Dominate the Casino Industry

Last year, in 2019, many online casinos embraced the use of cryptocurrencies. In 2020, we expect to see many more online platforms get on board since cryptocurrency is now accepted in most parts of the world as a mode of payment. For many players out there, making withdrawals and deposits in the form of digital currency is more convenient. They not only offer strong digital security but also maintain the anonymity status of a player.

Considering how sensitive the gambling industry is, many players choose to remain anonymous or fully untraceable while participating in this activity. Hence, most gamblers prefer crypto so that they do not worry about such challenges and additional issues like online hacking and identity theft. The demand for cryptocurrencies continues to increase, and we know in 2020, digital currencies will have a huge role to play in the online casino industry.

Unique Welcome Bonuses

If you tried to look for a new casino online, you might have noticed how crowded the online casino market is. To attract players, many online casinos have started to use several tactics — the most popular being welcome bonuses. These bonuses may include no-deposit bets, free spins, and more.

To stand out among competitors, many online casinos are coming up with unique welcome bonuses, which is surely a great way to attract new and existing players.


The online casino industry will see tremendous growth in 2020, which is already shaping into a fun and exciting year. We will not only see online casinos improving their services, but we will also witness the launch of new casinos with new concepts.

You might have noticed that the trends mentioned above have already existed for some time now. However, they are beginning to gather more attention in the casino industry because of the ever-evolving technology. Now we can truly say that 2020 is going to be a mind-blowing year for the online casino industry.


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