East Williston trustees discuss proposed zoning changes

The East Williston Board of Trustees discussed proposed changes to zoning on Monday night. (Photo by John Nugent)


In recognition of increased numbers of people working from home during the COVID-19 crisis, the Village of East Williston Board of Trustees discussed proposed amendments to its zoning code regarding the definition of a “home occupation” at a meeting on Monday.

The new amendments define a home occupation as an accessory use of a dwelling by the residents only, with “no display of goods or advertising visible from any street.”   The intent of the new legislation is to clarify that any commercial activity on a residential property is strictly incidental and secondary to its use for dwelling purposes.

The board, concerned about maintaining the character of its neighborhoods, seeks to prohibit certain types of business activity in residential zones. Some examples of such businesses that are named in the amendment as not deemed to be a home occupation are clinics, barber shops, fitness centers and any enterprise that involves the keeping of a stock in trade.

John Lekstutis, chairman of the village Planning Board, commented that proposed changes to the code would specify that “anyone working from home would not perform a function of the type of work that would create hazardous materials or waste materials.” Also, “no waste will be disposed of other than what is normally permitted in residential areas,” added village Attorney Jeffrey Blinkoff.

The board will consider the code revisions at its work session on Jan. 25.

In an unrelated matter, Mayor Bonnie Parente said that “we have had a graffiti issue in the village in the last couple of weeks.” “We do have video,” the mayor said, adding, “Our Police Department is working diligently to find the culprits.”

The meeting was the first time the board reconvened in public since the coronavirus pandemic began, with a 20-person limit in Village Hall.


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