HGH X2 Review (2022) : Natural Supplement For Cutting And Bulking

Workout needs are different between individuals, which is why people use various supplements to supply their bodies during workouts. Your supplements’ needs vary based on your body structure as well as desired outcome, which is why you may be faced with a protein-rich diet while your gym buddy is looking at fat-burners to help them trim stubborn fat.

From the vast pool of legal and safe supplements, we are going to discuss HGH X2.

The supplement is brought to you by Crazy Bulk, a reputable name in the supplement industry. It offers some incredible results at naturally improving the HGH levels in your body without the use of synthetic HGH. It’s formulated to trigger your body’s pituitary gland into releasing more human growth hormone into your bloodstream.

Why is HGH so important? HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, is synthesized in the pituitary gland and affects the process of growth. It helps regulate body composition, fluids, muscle and bone growth, sugar and fat metabolism, and may even improve heart function.

In bodybuilding, people go after higher HGH levels to not only quickly repair muscle tissue after exercise, but also to build lean muscle mass, boost metabolism, and burn excess fat.

So with no further ado, let’s take a closer look into Crazy Bulk’s HGH supplement.

HGH X2 Overview


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Crazy Bulk’s HGH is the legal alternative to the human growth hormone Somatropin. The steroid alternative is manufactured and sold by Crazy Bulk, a reputable name in the steroid supplementation industry.

The legal HGH alternative is manufactured using 100% natural and organic ingredients, including plant extracts and herbal formulations that feature many properties that mimic HGH. Therefore, this supplement can help you naturally increase HGH levels and promote youthfulness and growth.

In addition to that, the HGH supplement will help you lose some weight and support healthier and more efficient muscle growth. Thanks to the metabolic properties of its ingredients, the HGH alternative may promote better heart health and improve its function.

Brand overview

Crazy Bulk is a top-rated supplier of legal steroid alternatives that promise all the benefits of actual steroids without their side-effects. The company insists on extensive studies and trials in order to provide its customers with ultimate supplements at guaranteed quality and safety.

Crazy Bulk vouches for quality ingredients that are acquired from sustainable sources. The premium ingredients are carefully selected by top-level nutritionists, and lab-tested to prove their performance and efficiency for the targeted problem. After selection, all components are processed in GMP-approved facilities and combined into the ultimate supplements on the legal market.

Apart from being an incredible supplier, Crazy Bulk is also a community that will help you make some new friends along your way. After making a purchase, you gain access to the support community where you can meet like-minded individuals and get some excellent advice, tips and tricks from people that have been in your shoes.

Who should take the HGH supplement?

Crazy Bulk’s HGH supplement is suitable for anyone looking to gain lean mass quickly or regain their strength. It is ideal for bodybuilders and athletes looking to unlock their body’s full potential and stamina. Apart from professional athletes, recreational exercisers can also benefit from the supplement, as it will boost their energy levels and help them endure more extensive workouts.

This HGH supplement can also be very beneficial for men suffering from low testosterone levels, or elders experiencing sexual problems. The maca root extract featured in the product can improve the libido, alleviate erectile dysfunction and improve endurance.

The velvet beans in the supplement are also an incredible source of testosterone, which significantly declines with age.


  • The natural supplement doesn’t contain synthetic HGH and is entirely safe and legal to consume
  • The innovative formula naturally stimulates the pituitary gland
  • The supplement provides aid with lean muscle gains, fat burning, muscle recovery and cutting cycles
  • It can be safely stacked with other Crazy Bulk supplements, including Winsol, Clenbutrol and Trenorol
  • Fast results within the first month of use
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • You have to stick to a proper diet and a structured workout schedule for the ultimate results
  • The product contains gelatin, so it isn’t suitable for vegans
  • Not suitable for women

How does it work?

Thanks to the incredible blend of natural ingredients, Crazy Bulk’s HGH supplement successfully targets the pituitary gland and stimulates it to produce more of the human growth hormone. The legal steroid supplement may also impact other processes in your body, speed up the metabolism, enhance the quality of your muscle mass and help you burn down stubborn fat.

The HGH pills can also promote fast recovery from excessive exercise and improve your performance at the gym. They will give you much-needed energy and increase stamina, so you can indulge in even longer and more demanding workouts without experiencing fatigue.

If you stick to the manufacturer’s recommendation, you may experience significant improvements in your HGH levels and overall performance and recovery.

As a legal steroid alternative, Crazy Bulk’s HGH doesn’t contain actual HGH. Instead, it relies on natural ingredients that stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more of the human growth hormones. That’s achieved by creating powerful amino acids that interfere with HGH synthesis.

But the supplement’s benefits aren’t limited to increasing the HGH levels. The carefully selected ingredients verified by extensive research also promise some other incredible properties, so if you’d like to learn a little bit more about them, continue to the next section of the review.


The efficiency of Crazy Bulk’s HGH supplement relies on clinically proven ingredients that are entirely safe to consume. The incredible formula comes after years of clinical research, studies and trials of each component, and the formula altogether.

So to help you better understand the product, let’s take a closer look into each natural ingredient:

  • Maca root extract

The most prevalent ingredient in Crazy Bulk’s HGH is maca root.

Maca root is an active ingredient that’s a common part of every bodybuilder’s diet, thanks to the incredible benefits it provides. It can boost energy levels, support muscle gain and increase your strength. However, most importantly, maca root extracts are very effective in boosting higher HGH yields from the pituitary gland.

Apart from that, maca root is very beneficial for your overall health. It may increase libido, reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction, boost energy levels, improve endurance, increase fertility, improve the mood, help against anxiety and depression, and so much more.

  • Hawthorn berry extract

Hawthorn berry extracts efficiently boost blood flow to muscles, helping them get sufficient nutrients and oxygen for proper function. It is also a well-known stimulant that increases the synthesis of HGH in the body.

Hawthorn berry is expressively rich in polyphenols; powerful antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals from poor diet or environmental toxins. The plant’s extract may also feature anti-inflammatory properties, aid digestion, reduce blood cholesterol, lower blood pressure, slow down aging, reduce anxiety, etc.

  • Velvet beans

Velvet beans or mucuna pruriens are another great ingredient featured in Crazy Bulk’s HGH supplement. They stimulate the secretion of dopamine, enhance HGH production and improve testosterone levels in the bloodstream.

Velvet beans are rich in potassium, iron, calcium and zinc. This is very important, as potassium deficiency is a common cause of lower HGH levels. They also feature an abundance of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, fibers and minerals, essential for a healthy diet.

Apart from that, velvet beans may help reduce body fat and cellulite, lower cholesterol levels, maintain optimal blood sugar levels and increase body energy.

  • L-arginine

L-arginine in Crazy Bulk’s HGH is intended to promote better blood flow, by expanding the blood vessels to accommodate better flow towards the muscles. It also helps increase muscle gain and growth by helping the body build much-needed protein. L-arginine can also enhance your metabolism and stimulate performance and the synthesis of the human growth hormone.

Additionally, L-arginine features an abundance of other potential health benefits, such as speeding up the healing process, alleviating anxiety, improving kidney function and so on. That’s why it is often used for reducing high blood pressure, correcting urea synthesis, treating heart diseases and erectile dysfunction, etc.

  • Other ingredients

Apart from the carefully sourced ingredients specifically targeting the synthesis of HGH, Crazy Bulk’s HGH supplement also contains a handful of other ingredients to improve the blend. They are also entirely safe to consume and include: rice flour and concentrate, gelatin, vegetable stearate, silica and maltodextrin.

These ingredients perfectly complement the carefully formulated blend, and offer you ultimate quality from the end product.

Benefits Of Supplementing HGH

  • Faster muscle recovery post-workout

Natural HGH is used in the body to help maintain, build and repair healthy tissue in the brain and many organs. Therefore, it is effective for accelerating the healing process after an excessive workout or injury, and successfully repairs muscle tissue as well.

A lack of natural HGH can significantly impact these processes, so supplementing Somatropin with Crazy Bulk’s HGH can contribute towards restoring the natural balance and aiding muscle recovery.

  • Fat loss

Somatropin HGH stimulates lipolysis and can significantly boost the fat-burning process. It acts as a metabolic pathway through which stored fat can be broken down into fatty acids, causing fat cells to shrink. The resulting fatty acids can easily be burned when your body needs extra energy during your next workout. If they’re not used, they will go back to being fat storage.

That’s why increasing your HGH levels with the help of Crazy Bulk’s legit HGH alternative can help you lose fat quickly and efficiently. However, you should be aware that you’ll also have to put some effort and do some heavy lifting, if you’re looking for ultimate results.

  • Lean muscle development

Higher levels of HGH induced by Crazy Bulk’s HGH supplement can significantly increase the gain of lean body mass. The supplement stimulates many chemical processes in the body that work towards an increased lean mass and decreased fat to muscle ratio. However, it cannot rejuvenate myofibrillar protein synthesis in older users.

  • Supports cutting cycles

As muscle gain inevitably carries fat with it, many people turn to cutting. The cutting cycle involves sticking to a low-calorie diet and modifying your workout to burn as much fat as possible, while retaining the muscle mass you’ve already established.

Crazy Bulk’s HGH supplement can lend a helping hand with that, as it is incredibly efficient at preserving muscle mass even while you’re losing fat.

Are There Any Side-effects?

Crazy Bulk carefully sources all the ingredients that make up its HGH supplement. If you’ve read through the ingredient list above, you already know that the supplement is made entirely out of natural herb ingredients. The unique formula comes as a result of rigorous research and trials, so it is considered to be completely safe to consume.

Apart from the ingredients themselves, Crazy Bulk sticks to verified amounts of each ingredient to ensure that you don’t over consume any of them, which may pose some side-effects. The ingredients of natural dietary supplement are precisely measured, and you can quickly take a look at their concentrations on the company’s website or product’s label. As long as you stick to the recommended dose, you shouldn’t experience any side-effects.

Apart from that, according to the manufacturer, the warm form of the product makes it very easy to digest without posing side-effects such as nausea or vomiting, which are typical for other products.

The verified formula also promises not to interact with other medications, so you can take the next step towards higher HGH levels without worrying about any contraindications.

Who shouldn’t take the HGH x2?

The supplement should be avoided by people who already have steady or high HGH levels in their blood.

Even though there are countless benefits from the hormone, everything is beneficial only if it is well balanced. So, if you already have optimal HGH levels, you should restrain from taking Crazy Bulk’s HGH supplement and any other stimulants or synthetic steroids altogether.

The potential risks of high HGH levels include nerve, muscle or joint pain, high cholesterol levels, numb and tingling skin, swelling of the arms and legs from fluid retention, etc.

That is why the manufacturer recommends that you make a reasonable break after consuming the supplement for 2 months.


Each bottle of Crazy Bulk’s HGH supplement comes with 60 capsules. The recommended dose posed by the manufacturer is 2 capsules per day, meaning that a single bottle of the supplement will last you for an entire month.

The best way to consume the HGH supplement is to take 2 capsules with water, 15 to 20 minutes before eating breakfast. Its effects should be apparent pretty quickly, but you should use the supplement for at least 2 months for the ultimate results.

Even though the supplement doesn’t come with significant potential risks, failing to stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations about dosing, and increasing the daily intake of the supplement may induce nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or an upset stomach, as the body’s defense mechanism.

Crazy Bulk suggests that you combine their HGH supplement with a suitable diet and a proper exercise program for the absolute best results. According to the manufacturer, the ideal workout period consists of 2 months of active workout, followed by a week and a half of rest.

Recommendations For Ultimate Results

Even though Crazy Bulk has gone above and beyond in delivering the ultimate HGH supplement, no product can work wonders alone. That’s why the manufacturer recommends that you put in a bit of effort and make slight changes to habits that will help you achieve your goals faster.

  • Proper diet

Dieting is a must if you’re looking to gain lean muscles and burn fat. Therefore, you’ll have to develop a schedule or ask for professional help from a dietitian to be able to apprehend the benefits offered by the legal HGH supplement.

To help maintain a higher balance of human growth hormones in your blood, you should incorporate melatonin-rich foods into your diet. By consuming more eggs, fish, mustard seeds, tomatoes, nuts and grapes, you can easily do that.

If your goal is to lean muscle building, you should also incorporate foods such as salmon, chicken breast, greek yogurt, tuna, lean beef and soybeans into your daily diet. If you have problems with excess fat, you should try to avoid calories, carbs and fats, by eating fish, MCT oil, eggs, whey protein, chili peppers, and drinking beverages like coffee and green tea.

A number of beverages can boost muscle recovery. If that is your goal, you should get your share of tart cherry juice, watermelon juice, pomegranate juice, beet juice and whey protein shakes. You can get these by eating fatty fish, eggs and dairy.

  • Structured workout

Diet and proper workout are essential for any athlete, and they’re also vital for boosting the performance of Crazy Bulk’s HGH. This is the heavy lifting we’ve mentioned above.

For the pituitary gland’s proper and enhanced function, you’ll have to put together an exercise schedule and stick to it. If you don’t have the ability to craft one out yourself, you should consult a body coach and work out under their supervision.

You should avoid any general guides since individual bodies need to focus on different muscle groups. An experienced coach can help you find a routine that specifically targets your body and enables you to achieve the desired results.

Exercise can significantly improve your current HGH levels, optimize hormone function and reduce body fat, which will benefit HGH levels in the long run.

Standard exercise plans for increasing HGH include sprints, interval training, weight training and circuit training. Not only will these spike your HGH levels, but they will also maximize fat loss.

  • Sleep and rest

Exhaustion and burnout can significantly impact your body’s functioning. Therefore, regardless of the boost you’re trying to provide by taking the HGH supplement, your body may simply be unable to take advantage of it.

Most of the HGH in the body is released in pulses while you sleep. According to studies, these pulses are based on your internal clock, also known as the circadian rhythm. In essence, the largest and most effective pulses occur before midnight, while the mornings are reserved for smaller pulses.

Insufficient and low-quality sleep may significantly reduce the HGH levels in your body, so improving your sleeping patterns can be an excellent way to enhance HGH production naturally.

That’s why, apart from dieting and exercising, you should find the time to get a goodnight’s sleep and even rest during the day.

  • Avoid snacks before bedtime

In addition to proper diet and restful sleep you should be getting to take advantage of the HGH supplement properly, you should also avoid late-night snacks. The reason for this is that snacks high-carb and high-protein snacks may immediately increase your insulin levels, which can lead to blocking the overnight synthesis of HGH.

  • Stack supplements

Stacking supplements is an incredible way to combine supplements and take full advantage of their benefits. If you manage to do it properly, you’ll not only experience the benefits of each individual supplement, but you’ll significantly enhance the outcomes.

According to Crazy Bulk, the best way to stack HGH is by combining it with Winsol, Clenbutrol and Trenorol. Proper stacking of HGH will provide you with the ultimate results in gaining and retaining lean muscles, improving performance, power, energy and endurance, and cutting to lose calories and weight.

  • Intermittent fasting

Studies suggest that intermittent fasting leads to major increases in HGH levels. According to a study, 3 days of fasting has resulted in an HGH increase of over 300%. Four days later, the results skyrocketed to a massive 1250%.

However, continuous fasting is something that’s not recommended in the long term, which is why intermittent fasting is a popular approach that only limits eating in shorter periods.

Where can you buy HGH X2?

The HGH supplement can easily be purchased on Crazy Bulk’s official website. The 60-capsule bottle costs $85, but if you hurry up, you may get it while it is still discounted and save yourself $25. If you’re looking to purchase an entire stack for your two-month exercise program, you will get an additional bottle of the supplement for free.

For the ultimate convenience, Crazy Bulk offers fast delivery with the help of the United States Postal Service. All orders are also eligible for free shipping, regardless of where you’re coming from, so you can rest assured no hidden fees will be added to your purchase.

The manufacturer is utterly confident in the efficiency of its products, which is why the HGH supplement comes with a flexible 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if you’re not completely satisfied with the product, you can quickly return both used and unused bottles and claim a 100% refund of the product’s price.

Apart from Crazy Bulk’s official website, you may also be able to purchase the HGH supplement from some smaller retailers. However, you should know that they may not be able to provide you with discounts, free worldwide shipping or a satisfaction guarantee.

Customer experiences

Crazy Bulk’s HGH supplement is just another impeccable product in the company’s vast portfolio. The legal HGH alternative is appreciated by many users who have experienced massive lean muscle gains in short periods of time.

The product is frequently used during cutting cycles. People have found that it does an incredible job at preserving hard-earned muscles while they focus on burning excess fat. Apart from that, the HGH supplement also supports the fat-burning process, so you can experience better results while cutting.

Committed workers have reported some astonishing results, which can easily be seen on Crazy Bulk’s website, as it features real-life photos to testify to the outcomes of using HGH X2.


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Final Verdict : Best Legal Steroid Alternatives For Musclebuilding

HGH X2 by Crazy Bulk is an incredible solution that will help you embrace the benefits of HGH without consuming any sketchy steroids. The product is naturally based and relies on 4 simple ingredients that will help you gain lean muscle, recover from injuries and enjoy ultimate strength, to keep up with an even more extreme workout plan.

Apart from the results you’ll get at the gym; this supplement may also help you excel in the bedroom. The clinically proven ingredients may boost testosterone levels, increase your desire and improve your performance and endurance. It is also an excellent choice for slightly older individuals suffering from specific inabilities.

Overall, our extensive research has shown that Crazy Bulk’s HGH alternative is pretty effective at doing exactly what it promises to do. Judging by what we were able to testify and what we’ve read from other users, this supplement delivers some incredible results with expressive potency.

The product may seem a bit pricey when compared to similar products, but its safety and efficiency are worth every dollar.

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